Monday, June 18, 2007

American Chopper

OK... I'll admit... I'm a fan of American Chopper. What? You didn't expect that from a girl who spends her time poring over the embroidery on vintage linens? I have many interests.

I've decided that part of the success of American Chopper is that everyone picks a pony in that race. People either love Paul's abrasive manner and continual yelling, or they find it annoying. (I fall into the latter category.) People either see Paulie as the brains of the whole thing or a lazy bum. I believe Paulie is the misunderstood creative genius of the whole lot.

The bikes... well, they're cool, but they're just ancillary to the show. The real show is the process and the people engaged in it. It's those people and their distinctive personalities that keep our interest.

There are a few things everyone can agree on - Vince and Rick are indispensable. Cody is a pleasant sort, and Mikey is ... well.... Mikey is... well... he's Mikey.

What people think about Paul Sr. and Paul Jr. is a sort of personality test. Maybe I'll start asking people their thoughts about Paulie when I first meet them to get some insight into who they are.


During the summer months I keep some fresh cut flowers and/or greenery in my house almost all the time. Yesterday I snapped this photo of the bouquet on my writing desk. I love the way the light coming in has burned out parts of the photo. I bought this little vase at a flea market for $1. The neck of the musical instrument is broken off but I adore the shape of the vase. I had forgotten about it and found it a couple of days ago and couldn't wait to use it.

I'm discovering I seem to have more and more pink in my house. I'm not sure why - it wasn't a conscious decision - but it seems to be cropping up here and there. I certainly don't want to paint any walls pink or anything, but I like the little touches around.

There's something magical about having flowers in the house. It's a little bit of luxury that's easy to come by. I only have to walk out the front door and pick the plants - it's low cost, low fuss.

Flowers are one of the things I think make me appreciate the moment. They last only briefly, but are spectacular in that time. It's one of the things I love about summer.