Thursday, November 29, 2007

Three Days

I have three days before the MHA home tour. I have to get everything done for the tour, including having my house completely ready since I'm doing refreshments here. I have a busy few days ahead. Oh my gosh, do I have a busy three days ahead.

The up side of it is that everything will be done for my open house on the 8th.

This is an opportune time to say - if you've been to my Christmas Open Houses before or ever been invited before or were expecting to be invited this year - and haven't yet gotten an invitation this year - it's not because you're being slighted - it's because I'm still working on getting things mailed. And because I have three days before the MHA tour (see paragraph one!). So, consider this your official invitation, with your other official invitation to follow at some point, hopefully before the actual event. Anyway... I hope to see you on Dec. 8, 6:30 to whenever. I'm mailing things as fast as I can but things that need corrections in the database for some reason seem to not be getting done in a timely manner.

Well, I must go and do more things to get me and my house ready for upcoming events! And, sleep... I must sleep... at least some... some time...