Sunday, July 10, 2005

Morning Glories Grow So Quickly

My morning glories have really taken off in the last few days. I just posted some garden pictures a week ago today and they were not at all climbing the string. I think I took those just that day but it might have been the day before. Now they're more than a foot up the string in places.

I've always known that they take off all of a sudden but I've never had quite this kind of photographic evidence. It's fun to see the progress.

I'm pretty happy with the way the garden is shaping up at the moment. Things are growing together and giving that "mixed" look that I love. I am glad I planted so many of the lime-green colored squash vines, as well as the dark purple ones. They're a nice look in the flower bed and they're growing like crazy. I love anything that grows like mad.

I'm thankful for the rocks my former boyfriend gave me from his farm. They really add a lot to the garden. I love rocks and have quite the collection at my front door, but these were picked up on his farm specifically with the idea of using them in the flower bed.

Piano For Free

Yesterday I put one of my pianos on freecycle. Yes, that's right. I own two pianos. I bought one from a church a few years ago so I'd have one to play. When my mom died, I got the one I learned to play on. I decided that only people who are concert pianists need two pianos and that one had to go.

The one from the church is a 1908 Remington - beautiful old piece with nice carving. It has been rebuilt at some point and holds a tune quite nicely. I've moved it into each of the three places I've lived in Hutchinson and I think it's time for someone else to enjoy it.

I had considered putting it in Diana's store to sell. She was very gracious about it, but I could tell she wasn't excited about it. So, yesterday I thought about freecycle and thought it was worth a try.

I had two responses within a few minutes of each other. One of them is going to be here in a few minutes to look at it and see if he wants it. He plays for his church but doesn't have one at home. Seems like it would be nice to go back to making music for a church.

If he doesn't want it, I'll contact the other lady who wants it for her children.

It was going to cost me to move it and I doubt I would have gotten any money out of it, so this will be a better solution for everyone.

I just hope they follow through. My experience with trying to give away the dog house a few months ago was that it was hard to give something away for free. I should have learned my lesson there. I said then that if I ever did this again, the item was going to the first person who said, "I'll come get it now."

I will miss the idea of having it. It's a beautiful piece, but I have a piano to play and it's only right that someone else have one to play as well. Besides, I'm not really using it well, anyway, and I can put the piano from my mom's in that floor space.