Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Bush in Kansas Again

Bush is coming to Kansas. Again. He will be in Wichita next week - obstensively to open a Boys and Girls Club - in reality to fundraise for Senator Pat Roberts.

What this says to me is that Republicans are scared. Kansas is a diehard Republican state. Bush has been here three times in the past six years. This will be his second trip in a few weeks. He visited Greensburg last month.

This fundraiser will be in a private home, so we don't know much about it. What I know is that they're trying to build a war chest for Roberts so no one will consider running against him. Roberts has been a Senator forever. You'd think he'd feel somewhat secure in his job. But, I guess not. It's comforting to see republicans in a republican strong hold realize they're going to have to work to keep their seats.

However, I'm not sure casting your lot with a president who's approval rating continues to drop is that good of an idea.

For those of us who are democrats in this republican stronghold, it's quite amusing to watch them scurrying about. I guess the margins in the last election just weren't to their liking.

When I first joined the Democratic Women's Club - maybe four years ago - there were about a dozen of us who came. Now there are sometimes 40 people who show up. Democrats here are starting to speak up. It has been a long time coming.