Thursday, October 16, 2008

Voting and an interesting non-partisan way to decide

ABC news has created a little test for voters, to see who you most agree with. This is non-partisan and uses quotes from each candidate. It's an interesting way to approach a decision and removes any outside factors like race or party from the process. It's a way to just choose based on what they've said and if you agree with it or not.

My friend, Tom, sent this, and I thought it was quite interesting. I took it and agreed with Obama on all but one question. But, I really couldn't tell which candidate had said which quote except on one or two of them. Very, very interesting.

This was up a few days ago, so it doesn't include anything from the most recent debate.

Deadlines for registering to vote are fast approaching in many places. If you need to register, go to Make sure you can participate in the process.
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