Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Creative Sisterhood and More

Tonight was an exceptional Creative Sisterhood. Julie was unable to come at the last minute, but everyone else was here. It was a great night - very informative and a good bonding night. Some nights things just seem to click and tonight was one of those.

I made brownies tonight. I was just really in the mood for them. They were yummy as usual.

I had lunch with Teresa and Trish today. We're trying to plan a weekend to go to Arkansas to the Clinton Library. I live just about 90 minutes from a presidential library - Eisenhower's in Abilene - but I've never been. Seems appropriate that my first presidential library visit should be to Clinton's library.

I've been working on some MHA things tonight. I've got a ton of things to get done. I am about ready to head upstairs. I've been up about 20 hours - and I stripped the bed this morning so still have to make the bed yet tonight. For reasons I don't fully comprehend I hate making the bed. It takes all of two minutes but I don'ts like doing it. So, naturally, I would love the feel of clean sheets.

It falls into the category of things I spend more time contemplating than it takes to do.

Early Day

I got a very early start to the day today. The guy was coming to look at my ceiling upstairs at 8 and I wanted to get some things done before then. So, I got up a little after 5 and have been busy since.

I did sneak in a little studio time this morning. I've been experimenting with painting the covers on books I'm going to use as journals. I'm really enjoying the process and the finished product. I have a few kinks to work out but I like it overall.

It seems that every project I start - even ones that seem incredibly simple - have a learning curve involved. Nothing is ever as easy as it seems. And it's the reason artists cringe when people say, "Oh, I could do that." Well... yes... maybe you could... but the key is that you didn't.