Sunday, December 04, 2005


I have figured out more about podcasting today. I think I got the necessary feeds set up. I will see what develops with I've had a few emails from people who like the bread recipe I posted there. to hear the podcast

Sunday was Not for Rest

I've been going full tilt all day and here at the end of the day I've not accomplished as much as I would like. And, yet, I've done about as much as I can do in one day. At least some things have gotten done.

I'm working on the tree, and still need to get some more invitations for my Christmas party out - ones I have to look up addresses for.

It is cold here - 19 now - and it was 19 when I first looked this morning. I'm not sure how warm it got, but it was not balmy by any means.

I've been glued to the food network tonight off and on - Paula Deen's Christmas show and the gingerbread competition.

I hope by next year that my life is a bit more "normal." If so I'm going to decorate in early November and start entertaining. There just isn't enough time to entertain all in December.