Monday, June 05, 2006


Well, tomorrow is 6-6-6 and people are making much ado about it. Why must people make much ado about everything? I figure when the end times come, I'll know it then. Why do we care about predicting such things? Are people doing something to prepare? Packing a picnic lunch? What? Is there some reason I need to know in advance? I'll just find out that day. I can't imagine how I'd live my life any differently if I knew it was tomorrow or 2-19-2008 or 7-13-2012. What am I supposed to be doing that I don't know about?

It reminds me of the foolishness about terror alerts. I don't know what color we're at today. I haven't known anytime since we've had terror alerts. Again, how am I going to live my life differently if we're at orange or red or blue or whatever the colors are? I'm going to get up every day, be thankful I woke up, and go about my day. Whatever happens in that day will happen, and it won't have a thing to do with a color on a chart.

It's like the tremendous interest in the weather. I understand if you're a farmer, or you need to prepare for something severe, or you walk everywhere and need to know what to wear but for the vast majority of people, it's just the weather. There will be some. We're going to leave our climate controlled homes and get into our climate controlled cars and drive to our climate controlled offices, leaving only to go to a climate controlled restaurant for lunch. What difference does it matter what the weather is? Just let it be a nice little surprise in the day.

I'll be traveling tomorrow, on this dreaded 6-6-6 day. My guess is that it will be much like any other travel day. But, perhaps I'll be lucky enough that the seat next to me will be empty because someone is afraid to fly. What a joy that will be. I can only hope that the dramatists will have gotten to my fellow passengers.