Friday, June 16, 2006

Wind Storms

Well, I'm typing this on my new keyboard. Why do a I have a new keyboard? Because my old one only likes to type h^'~ and similar characters. It doesn't even type those in relationship to you hitting those particular keys. Obviously, it was time for a new one.

I am a fan of ergonomic keyboards. I've used one for years and just have to have one at home where I spend so much time on the computer. I used my laptop for the whole week I was at the artist's retreat and I could feel it.

This one is going to take some getting used to. It's a bit different than the last one I had. And it has lots of buttons my old one didn't have - maybe I'll find new cool things it can do.

I did see my favorite Office Max employee tonight. He's always so very helpful. He has helped me pick out a number of computer widgets by now. Everytime I see him we have a discussion about computers. He knows what he's talking about and I'm a geek wannabe.

We are having a major wind and rain storm. They said it was going to be prefaced by a wind gust of about 70-80 mph and they were right. I've been out on the front porch experiencing it. I took some pix of my neighbor's bushes that were bent over more than 3/4 of their height. But they're saying there's no hail expected - just "torrential rain" - but I can handle that.

The roofers were here day before yesterday to replace the turbine vent on top of my house. I lost it during a previous wind storm. Hopefully this one will stay put. It's Kansas, we get wind. But, I don't have a big hole in my roof anymore so that's good.

It seems to have been brief and pretty much over with now, other than some rain and I wouldn't exactly call it torrential. Weather people are so prone to exaggerate. Now that the storm is getting close to Wichita, the TV stations are on nonstop with weather info. They could care less if the rest of us blow away, but Wichita they want to warn to get their trash cans inside.

The reporter is out in the wind, saying the gravel is blowing and it stings when it hits his face. I'm reminded of why my TV news career was brief. I may have been only 21, but I knew it was a good time to quit.

Art of Gracious Living #25

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Recently I gathered with some friends that I see each month. We take turns going around the circle and discussing what is on our minds.

When it was my turn I was talking about the artist's retreat I went on recently and other tidbits about my life. There was nothing extraordinary in what I was saying, and yet I noticed that everyone in the room was giving me their rapt attention.

I was struck by what an incredible gift it is when people truly listen to what you're saying. It also gave me reason to consider if I extend myself to others in that fashion.

As I considered this, I realized that few of us have much opportunity in our lives to be truly heard. When it happens it is memorable.

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