Thursday, July 28, 2005

Yoder Road Signs

I have noticed various road signs during travels that are specific to an area - elk crossing, rock falling, and many others. I was lamenting that we had nothing interesting around here.

Then one day I was driving to Wichita and noticed the buggy crossing signs near Yoder, an Amish community a few miles from where I live.

I realized it was a perfect example of not paying attention to what's nearby.

Piano Moving

The guy I had told could have the piano earlier arranged to get it today. I wasn't sure it would work out timewise as I had a dozen places to be at one time today but it all worked out.

He had the same movers who are coming tomorrow to move my things to a storage unit while the floors are done.

I was amazed by the young guy who handled one end of the piano all on his own. I dubbed him "SuperMover." I can't believe how much strength he had.

Fortunately, last night Terry came over and helped me clear the pathway to the piano so it all worked out.

I was planning to move it to Diana's store, but it's hard to sell these things and I don't think she was really wanting to have it there anyway. This way it's going to someone who will play and enjoy it.

Anyway, I'm hoping it's loved and enjoyed by them. I will miss it. It is a beautiful piece. I've had it for many years and it has been wonderful for me but it was time for someone else to enjoy it.