Friday, April 14, 2006


At this time of year, I'm always glad that I invested energy in planting flowers last fall.

I have more things coming up still. I don't think all the tulips and daffodils I planted bloomed, but maybe they did. I know I've really enjoyed the hyacinths and tulips. I do have some other things coming up that I'm not sure yet what they are.

I bought a clematis last year at the end of the season, on clearance for about fifty cents if I remember correctly. I stuck it in the ground and figured I'd see what happened. Well, the little thing is only about two inches tall, but it's blooming. Now I call that hardy!

I love having flowers inside. That's the whole reason I want to plant is so I can cut them and bring them inside. I took these to my office yesterday. I love the combo of them.

The only trick I have now is to figure out how to kill the weeds in the flower bed without hurting the flowers. Seems there's always something!