Sunday, July 22, 2007

Finished (No Spoilers)

I have finished the new Harry Potter book (no spoilers). I realized it was just about 24 hours ago that I started. And I've even done some other things today, including going to the grocery and cooking a real dinner tonight. Greg and I went to Roy's for lunch but we were afraid to go out to dinner - afraid we'd overhear something we didn't want to hear about the book.

I was too tired last night when I stopped reading to share pix Greg took ( We were not the only ones out at 12:01 a.m. to get a copy.

We ran into Jesse and Joey who were out to acquire books and other goodies.

Jesse and Joey have helped out with the Christmas parade before, and Jesse's pic has been on the blog at Halloween, too. When I left, clutching my book, I spotted their niece, Molly, (in the pink) outside reading. She has done the parade with us too. And, in an odd coincidence, I worked with her mom when she was pregnant with Molly. For a town of 50,000, Hutchinson seems smaller sometimes!

I'm glad it can't be spoiled for me now, but I'll be glad when I can talk about it with other people, too. In a few days everyone who's that interested will have read it and we "talk amongst ourselves" as the old SNL sketch used to say.

I even managed to get some basic things done around the house in the last 24 hours, when I wasn't reading 700 plus pages. That should not imply the house is clean, or anything, but I did manage to do a little laundry and some dishes and some basic necessities. And I want extra points for cooking real food instead of ordering pizza.