Tuesday, March 21, 2006

My favorite word lately is Poof

Merriam-Webster recently asked on its Web site, "What are your favorite words?" Below are the top ten submissions:


This seems like it might be a sort of an intelligence test. How many of these words can you define? I got 9 out of 10 - callipygian stumped me - it means, "having shapely buttocks."
Fortunately, http://www.m-w.com/dictionary offers a way to quickly get a definition, which is where I found that one.

I feel so simplistic... my favorite word I like to work into conversation is "poof." I've used it on the blog before in the entry titled "And Poof! There were roofers!" Which, of course, could be followed shortly by, "And Poof! There goes your money." (Credit to Greg on that last one.)

Tis the season for old lovers

My post last night about old lovers generated some email. So, let me clarify... I was happy to hear from each of them. They were/are all important men in my life. I was just trying to be funny because it all happened in the span of one day.

I've only had three serious relationships and I heard from each of them in one day. Of course, Greg and I talk almost every day. The other two were surprises - one initiated by me with an email gone astray that he responded to, and the other with a card I wasn't expecting.

So, it was lovely to hear from each of them, as well as another old friend.

I've always had exceptional taste in men.