Friday, November 13, 2009

No news is good news

It has been relayed to me that Miss Joy wanted to know why there was nothing more on the blog yesterday about me. The story is this:
I'm doing fine at Promise Regional Medical Center here in Hutchinson Kan.
I'm still in ICU as a precaution because the surgery was more extensive than expected and I appreciate my surgeon taking care. I'm astarting to see a trend that good surgeons are very careful surgeons
I will most likely go to a room on the telemetry floor tomorrow where they can monitor my heart for a fib
if a room there is not available I will probably remain in ICU although that's just my guess
I know who won oprah's karoke contest
my surgeon no longer seems to think I'm just a drug addict wanting painkillers but that I was actually in pain after being cut open - of course I'm being sarcastic but we seem to have found a better way to communicate which is certainly helped by me not having a tube down my nose and throat (who says communication degrees are useless)
I've been up to walk three times today and would have gone more if someone were available to go with me but they were very busy and I will go more before bed
the last time they let me go walk by myself
my nurse says I'm the best post op patient she has ever seen in her 30 plus years of nursing about getting up and walking (and I like to be best but I would so like it to be about something else)
I only have my phone to communicate with, which is why updates from me are sparse. Greg will have to find his own excuse.
My thumb typing speed has improved
Greg is bringing my laptop tonight but I have IVs in both hands and don't know how much I will be able to type anyway
I hope to be able to get a Facebook Fix
my nursing care since Bob (please wait for the angels to sing his praises because he was extraordinary) has ranged from good to excellent and I'm very thankful
if I could offer just one piece of advice to nurses it would be to slow down and take it easy
if I could offer one piece of advice to administrators it would be to create a circumstance where nurses can slow down and take it easy
I'm mentally and emotionally making adjustments about the holidays because I know I won't be able to travel at all by Thanksgiving and certainly not to Kentucky by Christmas (expect my tree to begin its ascent during the long July 4th holiday of 2010)
I feel really good, considering, but it will be awhile before I am normal again
My surgeon tells me this surgery was certainly as major as what I had in !anuary. I was not prepared for that. This was supposed to be simple.
I'm going to find out the name of the doctor who came up last night to see an elderly woman and declared, "That lady is a miracle." I like doctors who believe in miracles.

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