Sunday, February 19, 2006

Cadillac Ranch in Amarillo on Route 66 Trip

Here are some more photos from my Route 66 Trip last summer.

The Cadillac Ranch in Amarillo is a beacon to art and kitsch lovers everywhere. You can easily pass by it on I-40 if you're not paying attention, but if you're on the lookout, you can't miss it.

I've made a trip - or shall we say pilgrimmage - to the Cadillac Ranch before. When Greg and Mark and I went this summer it was HOT. Who would have guessed? Late July in Texas... hot... what a shock.

I must admit I do like Amarillo. It's a cool town.

When we went through, on the way to California, we added our own bits and piece to America's great collaborative art project.

When I came back through alone a couple of weeks later I had not planned to stop but the ladies at the MidPoint Cafe in Adrian (a must stop with cobbler made with fresh peaches) told me the Cadillac Ranch had been painted Pink in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness so I had to make another stop.

This young man was part of a family of dad, an older brother, and grandma and grandpa. Mother was ominously missing.

I left a message honoring another mother, who would have been about my age, who lost her fight with breast cancer more than a decade ago.


I had planned to take down my Christmas tree today but that didn't happen. I didn't even leave my bedroom until 1:30. Yes, in the afternoon. I lounged and slept and lounged some more. It's really unlike me but it was so very cozy under the electric blanket. The last time I looked at the temperature last night it was 3.8 degrees.

Jocelyn was doing massages today. She wanted to practice for the class she's taking. So, I went down to Diana's to be a willing participant. Her granddaughter, Lauren, was there. I also got to see Lily for a little bit. She was there with Taylor and Tom. Austin and Amy came in after a bit and so I got to see them too.

Lily had wallowed her ponytail out and was having a bad hair day.

Taylor managed to tame it, but had to do it on the run.

Of course, then she was looking just as adorable as could be.

I don't think Lauren stopped for a second. She played with Tom until they left, then Amy and then Austin.

I call this "gymnast Austin." Lauren just looked puzzled. He couldn't get her to try it.