Friday, June 03, 2005

Houlihans and Garden Tour

Houlihans is opening in our revamped Convention Center soon. They had practice runs for the staff today at lunch and dinner and they're doing it tomorrow too. Chamber members could call and make reservations to go for free and try out the menu and give the employees some practice.

So, tonight I met Julie out there and we had dinner. I had the tilapia and she had a chicken salad. Both were really good. I had the cobbler and Julie the mousse, and we both had maragritas. Everything was very tasty. We gave it high marks.

I hardly ever drink and I've had margaritas three times in the last couple of weeks. That's a lot for me - more than I've had in the last three years. I could do without the alcohol in them but I do like the taste. These were really nice and tart, which I like.

I spent all day working on garden tour stuff. The 8th Annual Hutchinson Garden Tour is set for June 19! We have a really interesting mix of gardens this year - from one that's geared to butterflies and birds, to more traditional ones. I'll sell tickets at the Chapman and Masterson homes and have the raffle and drawing at others. We always do refreshments at the Dillon Nature Center. It should be a neat afternoon.

Dean and Kitty Chapman - 405 E. 15th
James and Shirley Masterson - 1711 Wilshire Dr.
Cregg and Diane Lingle - 7206 Holly Way
Stan and Cheryl Wiggins in North Reno County
Guy and Bobbi Gann - 3811 Prairie Hills Dr.
Dillon Nature Center - 3002 E. 30th

Tickets are only $7 for adults and that's good for all the homes. This year I'm doing a raffle for the first time for a piece of jewelry. Dick Westphal designs a piece of jewelry for us and it's always exceptional - about a $500 value. He's a wonderful corporate citizen here in Hutchinson. He has won national design awards - does amazing work. He's very generous with us.

Anyway, I'll be working on that all weekend. I also have to do a little straightening up around my house. It's getting out of control and I need to bring it back from the brink of disaster.

I've decided I'm going to Puerto Rico this summer for a conference so I've got to prepare for that, too. Seems like I'm always trying to juggle more than seems humanly possible.