Wednesday, July 18, 2007


"Everything's a cycle,
you've gotta let it come to you,
when it does you'll know what to do."

Those are the lyrics from Bright Eyes' song, Classic Cars. It really struck me tonight when I heard them performing it on the Late, Late Show repeat. I saw the show when it first aired. I can only hope what they say is true... that I'll know what to do. The other stuff is a cinch, but knowing what to do isn't always easy.

We all make decisions every day that affect other people's lives - sometimes in very major ways. Even when we don't realize we're doing that, we are.

Doctors tell people bad news every day. Stockbrokers give people bad advice every day. Mothers hurt their children without intending to every day. Do those people know what to do? I don't know. I've never been a doctor, stockbroker or mother. Maybe they possess some secret knowledge the rest of us don't have. But, my guess is they're no better prepared than the rest of us for the cycle that has come around again.

One thing is true - everything is a cycle. That's for sure. After awhile, the cycles are obvious, but they keep coming nonetheless. It's as if the gods of the universe don't even have the common decency to disguise cycles so we're the least bit surprised.