Tuesday, December 19, 2006

I've been a good girl

I have been a good girl this year - you can tell because Santa has already come to my house to pose for a photo with me.

This is actually one of Santa's helpers, aka Gary Hughes. His wife, Peggy, is on my board of directors. I had my board over for dinner tonight to thank them for their help the past year. Being on a board is a ton of work, and it often goes without even a thank you.

We had a good turn out, with most of the board here. I have been blessed to have a great board the entire time I've had this job.

I cooked soups - chili, potato, black bean and veggie. I froze a little bit of the black bean, had two bowls of the veggie left that Greg and Jordan are eating, and sent the little bit of chili home with Trish. There is one bowl of potato in the fridge. So it all worked out pretty well.

They enjoyed the carrot cake and lemon tarts. Andrea, from the board, brought peppernuts, which I love but rarely make. I will be enjoying those over the next few days. It's a secret recipe from her husband's side of the family. She said they were married about 15 years before it was deemed OK to share the recipe with her. However, she said she'd share it with me so I'm tickled about that. They are tasty little treats.

Trish stayed after everyone else so we could talk about a few things regarding the election. I'm working on a postcard for her to use and have also been working on her website tonight. I know she will do a great job so I want to work to get her elected.

I have been cleaning up from tonight and am almost done. I have one more load of dishes and that will be it. This was my last official gathering of the 2006 holiday season. It's a little sad. I wish I had another couple of weeks to enjoy the season - it just goes too fast.

The saddest part of the evening was that Julie told me tonight she never got my card and the invitation to my Christmas party. I wish I had known because I would have so liked for her to be here but she felt awkward when it didn't arrive. I can understand that, but wish I had chatted with her on the phone before then - I was just so occupied getting ready I didn't call anyone. I just assumed she would know she was invited. She just assumed she would get an invitation.

Ordinarily, I would have no idea if I had sent a particular one or not - figuring I could have done something wrong in the sort - but in this particular case I know I did it because I printed a new envelope and added her husband's name. Were it not for that I'd have no idea - but I remember doing that.

It hasn't come back to me and it hasn't arrived at her house so I have no idea where it is. She lives less than five miles from me - you'd think that wouldn't be a problem. It was probably mangled by a postal machine and they just haven't fessed up to it yet.

I'm amazed things work as well as they do in the postal service generally, but it's sure disappointing in this case. I feel awful that Julie missed out. I was feeling sad that she didn't come. She was feeling sad thinking she wasn't invited. Just a big mess up all around that isn't anyone's "fault," but I'm sure sorry about it all.

Well, it's time for me to head to bed. I didn't sleep well last night and I need some rest!