Saturday, December 16, 2006

Party Prep

I getting ready for my leadership class gathering tonight. It will be good to see everyone. I know some people are not going to be able to come and I'm sorry I won't get to see them, but it will be good to be with those who can be here.

I'm cooking - of course. I pretty much have everything done except the carrot cake frosted, that I can do in advance. At the last minute I will make the trifle. I have all the various parts ready so they just need to be assembled.

Some people like to prepare trifle far in advance and chill it, but I prefer to do it last minute so things are just beginning to meld when it's served. I like to be able to still taste the individual ingredients. I'm making it with chocolate brownies, strawberries and vanilla custard. It's a different combination than I've used before but I think it will be good.

I hope we have a good turnout. My experience in trying to gather groups like this is that it often doesn't work well. But, I'm hoping this is the exception to the rule and we have a good turnout.

Fortunately, the house is pretty much ready. I will run a duster over the floors and that will be about it. Of course I have some cleaning to do in the kitchen, but nothing major. I am a messy cook!

The Secret

Diana hosted an event tonight at The Dancing Grouse for people to come watch the movie, The Secret. There were six of us there.

It's all about the Power of Attraction and how what we think becomes reality. I certainly believe this to be true, and have witnessed it in my own life many times.

It's nothing we haven't heard before, but they do a good job of telling the story, and the production is very good.

I will want to watch it again. Of course, the question is why we don't all do what is suggested. *That* is the eternal question, it seems.