Sunday, December 25, 2005

Merry Christmas

It has been a full and wonderful Christmas Day. The Ipod nano that was a must have arrived at Friday noon, the presents all got wrapped, the food all got cooked, the games all got played, the family is all worn out. So, that's a successful day I think.

I woke up a little after 4 and although I didn't get up until about 7:30, I never fully got back to sleep. BC called and we went up to see what he got, which included the Ipod his mom thought Santa wasn't going to get on the sleigh in time to get under the tree.

We then went to Christmas morning services and came home to a wonderful meal, compliments of my Sister in law, Mary Ann. We talked and laughed and joked until time to open presents and then continued throughout the opening. Kim and I gave each other the same gift. Apparently we both think the other needs to bake more bundt cakes in the shape of roses. Who would have ever guessed that? We've had more than a few laughs about that.

We then played games - Buzz word and Eat It. We're pretty lax about the rules and the teams, but much laughter ensued.

Now, it's 9 p.m. and I'm ready to hit the sack so I can go out and shop tomorrow with the other fools. Sometimes I wonder at myself. I know my Mama raised me to have good sense, it just seems to escape me every once in awhile.