Monday, April 10, 2006

Art of Gracious Living Logo and Cleaning Binge

Heaven help us all, I'm on a cleaning binge. Not just my usual - make it look better than it really is - kind of cleaning. Oh no, I've made a HUGE mess today, dragging things out of closets. Piles everywhere. I don't know any other way to do these things. But it sure makes a mess in the process.

Wednesday night is Creative Sisterhood and I'm sure it's still going to be a mess by then. But, so it goes. My house is always a work in progress.

Last night I started cleaning off my desk. That always turns into a major problem because my desk is sort of my "control center" at home. I spend the majority of my time at the desk, working on various projects. So, it gets very messy. But I can actually see some wood on it tonight.

Less than I could this afternoon because there are tons of linens on the corner now. Why? Well, reference cleaning binge - I took them out of the linen closet in the hallway because it's what I'm working on now. And, I used them for a project tonight. I've been working on a logo for the Art of Gracious Living Podcast. So, I used some as background for the photo. Here's where I'm at on that at the moment. But for tonight, I'm done. No more projects. Sleep is next on the agenda.