Tuesday, April 24, 2007


I could not stay asleep last night. This isn't unusual for me, but it has been awhile since I've had a night as restless as last night. I went to bed about 12:30 and was awake in less than two hours, then again and again and again. At 5:35 I decided to get up and watch the sunrise. We didn't really have a sunrise - it just got daylight. But I sat on my brother's front porch and watched the pink creep into the sky while I journalled and snapped a couple of pix.

I had lunch with Cathy and Kim and then spent the afternoon and early evening with Jim and Mattie. Mattie's brother, James, is in. Also, our cousin, Jerry, came from St. Louis today to see Jim. I hadn't seen Jerry in a few years so it was good to visit with him.

Jerry is a real family oriented guy. He is one of the few cousins who makes an effort to be involved with the extended family, and I appreciate that about him. To top it off, now in his mid sixties, he has a new baby with his wife, Heather. There's a little over twenty years difference between me and my brothers. There's almost 50 years difference between this baby and his oldest sibling.

You gotta love Jerry's enthusiasm for life.