Thursday, December 13, 2007

Ice Storm Continues

I'm at my office, where I will be taking up residence tonight I guess. My house is now far too cold to stay in. I'm worried about the pipes freezing, but I have no options that I can figure out to protect them. I took a shower this morning by turning on the hot water and letting the bathroom steam up first, then hopping in. It was far less miserable than I expected it to be.

The power company has now changed their minds from 1-2 days to "several days," and have defined that to some residents as "10-14 days." That would be Dec. 22-26 for those of you counting. Goodness knows I'm counting.

I have events scheduled at my house every day for the next week. I am cancelling things for Thursday and Friday and hoping to be surprised with power and feel sorry I cancelled. But I think it's the safest thing to do. I cancelled Creative Sisterhood tonight - the first time in five years - we didn't even cancel the day I got out of the hospital. But, only three of us could get together anyway.

I'm not really getting to enjoy that Christmas Tree I spent 80 hours putting together. It's my finest one so far, too. Pity. And it seems I may not get to enjoy it at all before Christmas. That is really disheartening.

What's really frustrating is that everyone in all directions from me has power except for two blocks, one of which is mine. We are the only ones without in the neighborhood.

But, people have it far, far worse. I can afford to eat out, while the food in my fridge sits there and rots. I don't have children that are cold, and I have a warm place to go that even has a high speed internet connection. Nonetheless, it's very, very frustrating.

Whenever there's a power outtage, whether I'm involved or not, I always think it's ridiulous that we have these lines we're so dependent on exposed to the weather. And, of course, there is a solution, but power companies and cities are unwilling to enact it. That does mean that when they say it's an "act of God" that that's not really true. An act of God means it's unavoidable and this isn't - the lines could be buried - but they've chosen to not do that. But, I'm betting that no one is going to take any responsibility for it nonetheless. Poor God - blamed for every bad thing that comes along.