Saturday, December 24, 2005

Christmas Eve

Santa comes tonight. So much excitement in the world it's nearly palpable. I still get excited by the holidays. I'm at my brother's house and there are presents piled under their tree, and now I've added mine and tomorrow more will be layered in. I'm reminded of just how incredibly blessed we all are. Not only to have presents, but to have each other.

This past week, Peggy wrote me a nice note in which she said something that really struck me - that she always feels good for people who have family to "go home to." I'm lucky to be one of those people. Although I have no parents, husband or children, I still have family to go home to who are happy to see me as I'm happy to see them.

I'm also lucky to have my friends, who are my family away from family. The kindnesses that people extend - even the smallest of things - are beautiful grace notes in daily life. It's comforting to know Terry is at my house while I'm away, that Diana will be popping in, that Greg will be out on Dec. 26 just as I will and we'll both be excited about the next Christmas.

I love that "forward looking" part of the holiday season, where I start getting ready for the next year. The continuity of it pleases me. I love the idea that Christmas is always coming, always around the corner.

This week I've heard from old friends, former lovers and new friends who've called or written to wish me Happy Birthday and Merry Christmas. It has been a wonderful few days. I love hearing from people who've been in my world at various stages of life.

If I haven't gotten back in touch with you yet, it's not because I don't want to - it's because there's not much cell phone signal here at the end of Terrell Road, and dial up is a slow computer connection. I will be in touch. Your presence in my life is appreciated.

This is also an opportune time to thank those of you who read the blog regularly for your good wishes, written or only thought. I'm unable to respond to comments at the moment but know that I appreciate your thoughts. And, to each of you, I appreciate the fact that you read along about my little life.

May we all have some moments of childlike wonder on Christmas.