Saturday, July 14, 2007

Not a Typical Saturday

This is one of my latest Goodwill purchases. It's not old and it's not nearly as cool or delicate as the older ones with the same sort of design, but it was cool enough for 79 cents. Yeah, I'm a big spender, what can I say?

I try to hit Goodwill every few days. I just picked up some Haviland china there a week or two again that matches some cups I got at a yard sale a few years ago. It's really beautiful. Of course, it can't go in the microwave because of the silver band around it. But it's so pretty I don't care. Today my take was a couple of trays - one wood and one metal.

I had a health fair this morning, so had to start the weekend working. That's not my favorite way to start a weekend, but it was valuable. I screened one person who thanked me profusely for being there and who needed treatment. It's rare anyone thanks you for doing your job - at least in my world - and it is always good to know you made a difference in someone's life. I realize it's an honor to do the work I do. But, of course, that comes with some responsibility, too.

Recently, someone I serve on a board with mentioned that I must answer my phone all the time. I assured him I did. I generally transfer the work phone to my cell phone when I'm out of the office. So, unless I'm in a meeting or otherwise engaged, I answer the phone - nights and weekend included. I don't answer it if it rings when I'm asleep but I keep odd hours so people sometimes get me when they don't expect to. Of course, I can turn it off if I choose, but I generally answer it. Most often it's just someone wanting some sort of information I know off the top of my head. But on rare occasions it's someone who's contemplating taking their life. I've had some training in how to handle such situations, but at three in the morning when you're in the midst of such a call, that training seems lacking. Fortunately, thankfully, blissfully, whenever it has happened, it has had a happy conclusion.

After the health fair this morning/afternoon, and a quick trip to Roy's, I went upstairs for a nap. I haven't been sleeping well at all lately. I've had a lot on my mind - working very, very hard to, "let it go, let it be, and let it lie." Unfortunately, that tends to make one's sleep fitful and one's waking hours pensive - neither of which is conducive to rest.

I got to bed about 3 this morning and got up before 7, after being awake multiple times, so I was tired. I slept about four hours this afternoon, but I obviously needed it. And it was good, deep sleep, which is difficult for me to get. So when I can sleep, I let myself - even if it's not a "normal" time to be asleep. I just can't sleep on some arbitrary schedule the world wants to run on.

However, one doesn't accomplish much when you're piled up in the bed napping, so I didn't get much done today. And tomorrow is a busy day, so I won't get to do much then, either. At some point I need to have time to concentrate for an extended period of time - to think, to listen, to ask, to hear.

Harry Potter

Greg and I went to see the new Harry Potter movie tonight. It was a spur of the moment decision. I have to say this is a dark one. It's not like there's a spoiler since the movies so closely follow the books, but this one was different than the others.

In all the others I think even if you hadn't read the books you could just drop into the movies and enjoy them. That's not true this time. You need some background to understand the story. Because I don't retain details of books or movies, I was on the verge of being lost a few times myself.

I have read all the books but I haven't seen all the movies. I saw the first one and it was so close to the book there wasn't much point in it. I didn't read any of them until I think the third book was out, then I read them in a nonstop orgy of late nights of being unable to put the book down. If you haven't read them, you're so lucky - you've got six great books waiting for you - soon to be seven.

I will want to read the new one as soon as it comes out. I don't want anyone to tell me something pivotal about it before I have a chance to read it for myself. And all I can say regarding the ending of the last one is, "no way... it can't be true... I simply will not accept it." I'm assuming book seven will resolve that ugliness and put all to right.

Well, I'm off to bed. I have to work Saturday at a health fair so I do need to get some sleep. Considering I need to be there in less than seven hours I guess it will be a short night. Again. Those seem to be my standard.