Thursday, July 03, 2008

Fireworks in a Plastic Pig

This is the man I spent 12 years of my life with. Yup. You know his mama is proud, too.

So, Greg decided it would be fun to put some fireworks inside a plastic pig bank and then the pig would be all multi colored when they went off.

Of course, he intended to capture this for posterity. Things didn't go quite as planned.

When he came in and asked if I wanted to come outside and "put a ground bloom inside a pig" I told him that was something no one had ever asked me before.

The first video is of the pig. The second video is of Greg explaining the pig.

This is really the "Making of" and "Director's Cut" of the Fireworks in a Pig. See Greg's account of the event, and close up footage of the pig, at
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At War With Grasshoppers

I'm mighty close to saying dirty words about grasshoppers. They are chewing on all of my flowers in the front, and I've now spotted some on the vegetables in back. The grasshoppers must die.

I'm not in the mood for a lecture about how beneficial they are to the environment. I'm in the mood for the name of some poison that will kill them. Because they must die. All of them.

I looked for an organic method. You know what it is? Get a chicken. I'm sorry, that's not a valid answer for most people. I don't want any livestock. In fact, I live in a town where livestock is not allowed. This isn't a big problem for me. But, I wish they wouldn't let grasshoppers in either.

I've now bought three different things that supposedly kill grasshoppers. I have sprayed it directly on them. It does nothing but make them jump to another plant, annoyed by the spray, where they continue eating.

I need a real answer. I really don't want to use poison, but it seems there's no other answer. Of course, so far poison hasn't proven to be much of an answer either. However, no livestock allowed. Ideas?
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