Thursday, February 18, 2010

Third Thursday

Third Thursday in Hutchinson is a night of art, music and other fun downtown every month. One of the centers of activity is always at Jennifer Randall's Gallery 7. Tonight the Gazaway Mountain Boys were playing, and Tammy Colladay was singing with them.

I always intend to make the rounds, but I go somewhere and find folks there I know and we start chatting and then I start to make my way to the door and scenario repeats.

Tonight I bumped into Amy and Greg downtown.

And I saw Kate, Tracy and Emma... I get the feeling that young Emma is used to having her photo taken!

There was a great crowd tonight.

Jennifer just moved into this space in the last few months and has repurposed the meat hook into something far more artisitc. Interesting approach for a strict vegetarian, don't you think?

She also has some decor for the event.

Jennifer made what started as a one-night artwalk by the Downtown Revitalization Project into a regular, ongoing, every month event and it's wonderful. She is also the one who keeps things organized and moving along. People sometimes think things like this just happen. They don't. They require someone to take responsibility for keeping them going and that's Jennifer.

That's Jennifer on the left.

And here on the right, talking to Amy.

Before I went to Gallery 7 I stopped by the Reno County Historical Museum, which was having its reopening tonight. They've been closed for some renovation. They had an idea for an exhibit I really liked - the staff picked some of their favorite things to display. They also had a number of items from a large collection of items they took from the Hobbs family in the 1980s.

There were some cool things on display, and one of my favorites was this street sign.

Delos Smith's trunk was another cool one. Delos was an actor who appeared in numerous films, including One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest. When I first moved to Hutchinson it was common to run into him at various spots around town and it always resulted in an interesting conversation.

I would have liked to see how this looked in my hair, but it wasn't available for playing with.

These shoes are also very interesting, although I don't think I'd want to be facing these every morning before work.

This stool make from sewing spools has a funky vibe I like, too.

Of course, as is often the case, it was a little detail that jumped out at me. In the Hobbs exhibit, on a little stand, was this book. I just love the artwork on it.

And I love this, too.

Linda asked me about having some of my hand painted journals in the gift shop there, which would be cool. I need to see what I have on hand that's ready to go. That would be fun.

As I was leaving the museum tonight to walk to Gallery 7, I noticed Memorial Hall across the way. It was the site for tonight's presentation of "Peter Pan." I couldn't resist a photo of the museum's entrance framing Memorial Hall.

There was so much going on tonight that I had to choose what to do. That seems to be the case most of the time, which I guess is a nice problem to have.