Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Blog of the Day

Patsy's Ponderings was recently Blog of the Day. http://www.theblogoftheday.com. I'm quite honored. I see some other familiar names on their list too.

The Claw

The Challenge (and that is with a capital "C") this week was to draw your hand. I've always read that drawing the hand is very difficult. I just never felt the urge to prove it to myself. Well, nothing like looking at these claws to humble me about how much better I was getting at art.

Of course, I was not going to do them in color because my hands are one of my "oldest looking" features. I've had "age spots" since my very early 20s. I guess my hands look much like they did when I was 25, but they looked old then. I clearly remember my doc's dismissive tone as he said, "Oh, those are just age spots." While that's good news on the it's nothing dangerous front, no 20 something wants to hear any phrase that starts with "age..." applied to her. But... I digress...

Anyway, having no shame, I'm posting my three hand sketch attempts. Of course, I couldn't invest much time in it - then it would have to be better. Unfortunately, these indicate not much time was put into them very clearly. I'm afraid they might not be much better if I'd put hours into them. Yikes!

The first problem I noticed with drawing one's hand is that one is often USING said hand while drawing. This presents a bit of a problem when you absentmindedly move the hand that is your "subject" and can never get it back how it was. I'm going to blame the misshapen fingers in attempt number 1 on that very thing.

So, I thought I'd try again, with an easier pose. I don't think attempt number 2 is much better.

Finally I decided to trace my hand - you know, like preschoolers do - but I had a method to my madness - comparison of placement of the knuckles. I could see some of the errors of my way by doing that. I just marked the bottom of the nail bed and the middle of each knuckle.

So, now we all know I have fat little fingers and that my drawing skills suck. But, on the upside, I'm sure you feel better about yourself and your art at this point.