Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Happy Earth Day

Happy Earth Day!

My Earth Day Eve got off to a great start. Sharon showed up with her Releaf Landscapes crew and worked on my back and side yards. Things look better around the house than they ever have the whole time I've owned the place - better than when I bought the place. It's amazing what four people who know what they're doing and are in constant motion can accomplish. About 30 times more than I can do in the same amount of time. Thank you Sharon!

I'm doing some grass killing for Earth Day. I know, kinda weird, huh? But that's my main focus at the moment. I have put down two giant pieces of plastic - so about a 20 by 25 foot area - to kill the grass underneath. I need more room to plant all these seedlings and I hate mowing. So, I'm hoping the grass dies quickly so I can press that area into service.

They also cleaned out a little area I had tried to do a flower bed in a few years ago. It got away from me - like everything else. But they tamed it again today. I'm going to plant some sweet peas and holly hocks there, I think.

I'm totally enchanted with growing plants this year. I think maybe it's that whole "new life" thing. I feel so fortunate to be living life and not be worrying about my prognosis that I feel I have a new lease on life. It seems no accident that I'm suddenly attracted to growing seedlings. Now I just have to find a place for all of them.

On one half of this new plant area I'm going to put in some pumpkins. I've never grown pumpkins but I think it will be cool to let them grow every which way all over the place.

In honor of Earth Day, and because my main computer is tied up trying to do things that it thinks are far too complex, I'm sharing some pix from recent posts - including my favorite flower photo I've taken recently.

I hope your Earth Day is spectacular!

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