Sunday, July 31, 2005


Well, I slept well last night - probably just less stress since all the moving of things is done. The last few days have been a whirlwind. At the moment I"m sitting in a restaurant with great wi-fi and I must be the only person on it. Ah... bliss. It's amazing how connected we are these days - cell phones, laptops and PDAs.

Saturday, July 30, 2005


Well, I have vacated my home for a few days while they do the floors. It was a big mess getting everything all moved. Terry stopped by unannounced to help at just the perfect time. He and Greg helped me finish up with the last minute things.

Hopefully I'll get some photos along the way of the process. I'm exhausted. I hope I ADORE these floors.

I am going to have to essentially move back into my home. The mere thought wears me out even further.

Friday, July 29, 2005

Moving is Moving

The movers are here right now, emptying the room full of boxes of stuff that I brought from my mom's after she died. It's much more emotional for me than I expected.

I decided to get away from that and walked in to see the box of my recently-ex-bf's stuff that I need to send back to him. I just haven't been ready to do that either - not sure why - but I just haven't, even though it has been boxed up for a long time.

I didn't expect this to be emotional - I thought I was ready to deal with it - but I guess I wasn't. Oh well... no choice... I have to. Seems that's how much of life works - you do things when you have to. And I now have to.

Personality Soup

My committee was in charge of the Altrusa meeting for our local group on Tuesday night. We called it "Alphabet Personality Soup" and did a personality test.

My hope is that if people know how other people see the world that they can better understand then.

I will compile all the info on which type each person is and publish it in our newsletter.

This is Jan on the right - she's our president - and is one of the people who went to Puerto Rico. On the left is Mary Ann, who will be president for the next two years, starting in June.

Thursday, July 28, 2005

Yoder Road Signs

I have noticed various road signs during travels that are specific to an area - elk crossing, rock falling, and many others. I was lamenting that we had nothing interesting around here.

Then one day I was driving to Wichita and noticed the buggy crossing signs near Yoder, an Amish community a few miles from where I live.

I realized it was a perfect example of not paying attention to what's nearby.

Piano Moving

The guy I had told could have the piano earlier arranged to get it today. I wasn't sure it would work out timewise as I had a dozen places to be at one time today but it all worked out.

He had the same movers who are coming tomorrow to move my things to a storage unit while the floors are done.

I was amazed by the young guy who handled one end of the piano all on his own. I dubbed him "SuperMover." I can't believe how much strength he had.

Fortunately, last night Terry came over and helped me clear the pathway to the piano so it all worked out.

I was planning to move it to Diana's store, but it's hard to sell these things and I don't think she was really wanting to have it there anyway. This way it's going to someone who will play and enjoy it.

Anyway, I'm hoping it's loved and enjoyed by them. I will miss it. It is a beautiful piece. I've had it for many years and it has been wonderful for me but it was time for someone else to enjoy it.

Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Ceilings, Floors, Sunporches and Videos

I spent a large part of today working on an MHA project that has gotten a little out of control. I think it's reigned in a bit now. Thank goodness.

The drywall guys were back today to work on the ceiling. I really like both of them - nice, hardworking, good guys. The floor guy stopped over to get a key so he can work here the next couple of weeks.
At one point they were literally bumping into each other and I thought. I'm not sure I can afford so much going on that people are bumping into each other.

I got to have lunch with Trish, which was really nice. I treasure her friendship so much.

This afternoon I called Diana and asked, "So, do you want to be in a video?" Her answer was, "sure, why not." That's one of the things I love about her - spontaniety.

I had to shoot my segment for the United Way video and we needed another person to act. So, we did that right after work. I hated it that I forgot my digital camera at home because it was a neat shot of Rob with the headphones and all. Oh well, just wasn't meant to be I guess.

Terry came over tonight and helped me move things in the sunporch. I'm really happy to have that done. The mover guys will take the piano out of there first thing on Friday, then do the other things I have for them.

The floor guy is starting on Saturday so I will have to make myself scarce.

Tuesday, July 26, 2005


I'm counting down the days of the week as I have to have so much done by Friday so they can start the floors.

Today they worked on the new drywall on the ceiling upstairs. And the painter did a second coat on the stairwell.

I had Altrusa tonight and our committee was doing the meeting, so I had to prepare for that. I also did a ton of running around for the MHA today. I have another big MHA project I have to get handled this week.

Sometimes there just isn't enough of my brain, energy and time to go around.

The fun part of my day was lunch with Teresa. I'm so behind that I haven't even had time to return Diana's phone call from Monday. I had hoped to pop in and say hello but that hasn't happened.

I'm really stretched to my limits and beyond right now.

Productive Day

I got a ton of things done today - movers are arranged for Friday, which was a big thing to get accomplished on the home front. The guy came and painted in the stairwell today but the drywall guy's helper, who was supposed to bring stuff over for him to use, never showed up - at least not while I was here - and he never called.

Tonight Jesse and Terry came over and helped move a bunch of things to the basement and that was such a huge help. I packed glassware while they were doing that so a significant amount of the glassware off the north wall of the dining room is moved.

I also set up a couple of appointments for Wednesday that are important ones - not the least of which is the United Way video shoot. In addition, the upholstery person is coming on Wednesday morning to look at the couch and chair I want to get redone.

I did take time for lunch with Debbie B. today. I called her on the spur of the moment and just caught her. I had planned to have lunch with Trish but it didn't work out. I need a break and some fun in my days to keep going when I've got big projects going.

I had my second coaching session this afternoon. It's good to have someone else's perspective on your life. I'm enjoying this. Well, that's not really true, "enjoy" isn't quite right. We've moved right to the touch issues so that's not fun, but it's productive. And, how can one expect to grow if you don't go through the ugly parts. This is just an ugly part.

I'm feeling OK about the state of things, but have to keep very busy over the next few days or I will not be able to accomplish what I need to do. Tomorrow night I have Altrusa so I won't be able to do anything then so I think I need to do another hour or so worth of things yet tonight. It's a good thing I don't need a lot of sleep!

Monday, July 25, 2005

Moving, Moving, Moving

I've been moving things around upstairs most of the day. Greg came over and helped me with some of the heavier stuff tonight. I'm sure now I can fit everything into the studio and bathroom, although I do still have to empty the two closets and there's always more in them than you think.

I cannot use my studio now. It is full of furniture and I can't get to any of my art supplies. This will be a test for me. I did keep out my watercolors and some very basic things to play with but I won't have much time for it anyway.

The trick will be that when the floors are done that I'll have to be careful to not scratch them so it will be a much harder proposition to get everything moved back into where it belongs. Hard to believe that four rooms of furniture can fit into one room, although it is stacked in places.

Tomorrow will be a very busy day and I have an early appointment so I'd best get to bed.

Sunday, July 24, 2005

Artwork and Censorship

This little bit of art is raising the hackles of republicans. The artist had nothing to do with it being put in this exhibit. The exhibit used no public funds.


I've been thinking tonight about relationships and how complex they are. Of course, if you involve two human beings - both very complex creatures - it's not hard to imagine a relationship being difficult.

I'm certainly not in a hurry to get into another one. I'm still puzzling over the last one and until I'm through with that, it would be unfair to get involved with anyone else.

It's not like people are beating down my door, anyway - but I have a theory that you should always be alone for at least two months for every year you were in a relationship. July 29 would have been 5 years for us, so I'm nowhere near ready to open myself to that yet.

It's hard to figure out how you get from being madly in love to being done. One of the things I've learned about myself is that I never fall out of love. The last day I was with him was just as intense for me as the first day - more so in some ways - and that's true for every relationship I've had. That fading away that others talk about just doesn't happen for me. If I feel it intensely to begin with, I still feel it years later. I guess it would be easier if it didn't happen that way, but that's how it is for me.

So many questions... I wish I could have the answers. How will I ever learn without the answers?

Altrusa in Puerto Rico

I was in Puerto Rico last week for the Altrusa International Convention. Four people from our group went, which seems like a good showing.

This is a photo taken with some of the International officers and our group.

Left to right front row is Judy Atkinson who was the International President from 2003-2005, Lois Johnson from our local group, Peggy Hughes who's in our club and is also the Governor elect for our district. In the back row is Jan Blick, our local club president, Linda Nichols the International President for 2005-2007, Maureen Welch, International Treasurer for 2003-2005 and me.

I went a couple of days early to Puerto Rico so I will have more photos to share. It's a tropical paradise, as one might expect.

The conference was at the Westin Rio Mar, a very upscale resort about an hour's drive west of San Juan. But the first couple of days I stayed at the Excelsior Hotel in San Juan. It's recommended in all these Puerto Rico travel things as a great business class hotel but the travelers reviews were very mixed. I decided to just take some pix of my room as soon as I arrived and post them so anyone thinking about staying there in the future can decide for themselves.

I also ate at Augusto's, supposedly one of the finest restaurants on the island, that is at the Excelsior. The food was great, and the service the typical ass-kissing kind you find in a place like that. I'd rather have paid half as much and just had normal service. It was good, but overpriced - even with the ass kissing.

Saturday, July 23, 2005

Full Saturday

I've had a very full but very productive Saturday - and I worked in some time for fun, too. How much more could one ask?

I rearranged my studio today to accommodate the furniture upstairs. I think if I'm careful and stack I can get everything that's upstairs into the studio and the bathroom - the two rooms I'm not having done.

I have confirmed with the Bart about the floors, and the drywall guy can get the ceiling in the library done this week, so that's a bonus. He's also going to repair the crack in the upstairs hallway wall. Well, he's going to mud over it and we'll hope for the best. Also, the guy who's going to help paint is coming late on Monday. So, it should be a busy week. I also need to get movers to take everything out for the floor guy.

Sondra has offered to let me stay with her while they do the floors, which is very sweet. Trish offered too. I guess it's like moving, you find out who your friends are. Terry and Jesse both offered to help move things and I think I may call them tomorrow and take them up on it. We'll see how the day goes.

Full Friday

Today has been a full, full day. To give you an idea of my schedule I haven't even had a chance to pick up my mail since I got back two nights ago.

This morning the drywall guy came and finished the ceiling repair in the dining room. I'm so glad to have that closet gone, although deciding where everything that was in there needs to go now is a bit of a challenge.

I'm not tickled about the ceiling in the first place - it has been lowered - but I just haven't had the guts to rip it out. It's lowered in the living room and dining room. Maybe one day I'll get that gutsy but I'm not there yet.

He did a great job matching what was already there. I also had him look at the ceiling in the upstairs room I'm going to make into a library. It is drooping and that can't be good news so I'm going to have to get it repaired.

I took some snaps of the garden today. I'm amazed at how much it has grown in the week I've been gone. It's all filled in now and very lush. It does have some grass so tonight I bought some of that stuff that kills grass but doesn't harm other things. I'll have to work on that tomorrow.

I'm not sure what has prompted the garden to go gang busters all of a sudden. It has been very, very, very hot here. So hot that today the Wichita zoo iced down the bears and served them apples frozen in ice. We're supposed to have temps over 100 for the next week or so I think.

When I left the rocks were very visible, now even the largest one is almost covered over. The squash vines are growing rapidly and the morning glories are huge, with big leaves. I know it's not the variety as these are all volunteer from last year's plants.

Whatever has happened, I seem to have done something right this year that I've failed to do previously.

Tonight Jesse called and asked about going to the Anchor. He had run into Terry in the hospital tunnel and they talked. So, Greg, Terry, Jesse and I went to Anchor for dinner about 7.

I recently got a new camera so we've been experimenting with it in all kinds of circumstances. I love this one of Jesse laughing.

After dinner I did some errands and Jesse and Greg came along. I had to go buy a copy of "Please Understand Me II." I want to use it for Altrusa on Tuesday night and the library's copy has been written on too much for what I want to do. Fortunately, there was one copy on the shelves at Hastings.

Friday, July 22, 2005

Carlin Observations for Sig Line

My friend, Marci, sent this today. I just couldn't resist making it my new signature line.

"They keep talking about drafting a Constitution for Iraq. Why don't we just give them ours? It was written by a lot of really smart guys, it's worked for over 200 years, and we're not using it anymore." - George Carlin

Thursday, July 21, 2005

Beamed Up

James Doohan, who played Montgomery Scott on the original Star Trek series, died yesterday at age 85.

He will be missed.

Ace Jackalope

It occurs to me that every time I put up a photo of Ace, that people want more information about the little guy. Well, he has his own blog now. Hopefully he will still make guest appearances here, but for the official lope lore, check out

Puerto Rico

I returned last night from a week in Puerto Rico. I was there for the Altrusa International Convention. It was neat to meet ladies from all over who are also committed to the idea of literacy.

I went a couple of days early so I could enjoy some time in Puerto Rico, as I've never been there before. I'm still not exactly sure of the connection between Puerto Rico and the US. They are US citizens but do not pay federal taxes or vote in elections. Obviously, it's a complex situation and not one that requires my understanding, but I couldn't quite grasp the connections.

Someone told me it was Hawaii meets the third world. I was hoping for more third world. I really only saw the Hawaii part of it. It was beautiful, but very touristy. I could have done with a little more experience but there just wasn't time to do all I wanted to do - as if there ever is on a trip.

I took Ace Jackalope along for the ride. We stayed at the Westin Rio Mar so he got in some beach time, drank a Pina Colada at the bar that invented them, toured Old San Juan, and visited the rain forest. We ran out of time for the Bacardi distillery tour.

I also took photos of the Excelsior Hotel - one that is continually recommended but no one can agree on if it's good or bad. Why none of the dozens of people who've posted their thoughts bothered to take a few snapshots I don't know, but I addressed that problem. They'll go on a page at and people can look at them if they wish to see what it's really like. It was fine - by the way.

I will have numerous photos to post but at the moment am trying to deal with getting back to real life. I did arrive home to find the dining room closet has been ripped out and is history. That's a bonus. So, one home thing done. Yeah! Of course, the wall has to be mudded and then painted and... well... it goes on and on but at least the closet is gone.

It was a lovely trip to Puerto Rico, but necessitated dealing with the airlines, which was its usual horrific experience. Just when I thought things could not get more unpleasant with them, when I retrieved my bag from behind the counter because it had arrived on an earlier flight than I had - I discovered that it had been ripped open and my things scattered somewhere between here and Puerto Rico. I guess someone is enjoying my clothes and crocs today, as well as other trinkets tossed about. How nice.

Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Hutchinson Scenes

If you've read this blog for any amount of time, you know I have a fascination with road signs in various places. They really are indicative of an area. A memorable one was the "Hills and Curves - Next 63 Miles" along Highway 1 in California. And, a more recent favorite, posted in the New Mexico materials, of the little graphic of the car with rocks falling onto it. That one could have been in California too, come to think of it.

Well, I was thinking... gosh... we don't have anything distinctive in the way of road signs along here. Then one day I was driving to Wichita and had just gone through Yoder and popped up onto 96. Yoder is an Amish community and on Highway 96 near there are the road signs showing "buggy crossing." It was one of those moments of clarity about how we really do take our immediate surroundings for granted.

One of the things that's interesting about living in Hutchinson is every once in awhile you'll see a buggy parked at Walmart or somewhere else. The other day I had to go to the courthouse to get a new car title and as I was headed back home, I saw this buggy parked at a shopping area. I swung in to the parking lot to snap a photo with the water tower in the background. I should have taken one of the courthouse, too. We have a beautiful art deco courthouse. I'll pop one of those up soon.

Yoder is only about five miles from Hutchinson so this is the closest "big town" to shop in. The Amish believe that to have a photo of their faces taken would be a graven image and therefore idolatry. That's why you often see photos from the back. There was an elderly gentleman in this buggy, waiting for someone I guess, but I didn't want to intrude on him so snapped the photo so he was not in it.

Monday, July 11, 2005

Overheard Conversation

You may recall that I have a "thing" about overheard conversation.

Leaving Wal-mart tonight I heard the following:

"So, it is just the oral fixation thing?"

The older woman replied to the 20 something who asked the question...

"No. Thank you, Mr. Freud."

I thought to myself, I wonder if Mr. Piaget and Mr. Erikson would be upset that their names are never mentioned when stages of development arise in conversation. Maybe they'd just be happy their names are not associated with cigars and what they may or may not mean.

Sunday, July 10, 2005

Morning Glories Grow So Quickly

My morning glories have really taken off in the last few days. I just posted some garden pictures a week ago today and they were not at all climbing the string. I think I took those just that day but it might have been the day before. Now they're more than a foot up the string in places.

I've always known that they take off all of a sudden but I've never had quite this kind of photographic evidence. It's fun to see the progress.

I'm pretty happy with the way the garden is shaping up at the moment. Things are growing together and giving that "mixed" look that I love. I am glad I planted so many of the lime-green colored squash vines, as well as the dark purple ones. They're a nice look in the flower bed and they're growing like crazy. I love anything that grows like mad.

I'm thankful for the rocks my former boyfriend gave me from his farm. They really add a lot to the garden. I love rocks and have quite the collection at my front door, but these were picked up on his farm specifically with the idea of using them in the flower bed.

Piano For Free

Yesterday I put one of my pianos on freecycle. Yes, that's right. I own two pianos. I bought one from a church a few years ago so I'd have one to play. When my mom died, I got the one I learned to play on. I decided that only people who are concert pianists need two pianos and that one had to go.

The one from the church is a 1908 Remington - beautiful old piece with nice carving. It has been rebuilt at some point and holds a tune quite nicely. I've moved it into each of the three places I've lived in Hutchinson and I think it's time for someone else to enjoy it.

I had considered putting it in Diana's store to sell. She was very gracious about it, but I could tell she wasn't excited about it. So, yesterday I thought about freecycle and thought it was worth a try.

I had two responses within a few minutes of each other. One of them is going to be here in a few minutes to look at it and see if he wants it. He plays for his church but doesn't have one at home. Seems like it would be nice to go back to making music for a church.

If he doesn't want it, I'll contact the other lady who wants it for her children.

It was going to cost me to move it and I doubt I would have gotten any money out of it, so this will be a better solution for everyone.

I just hope they follow through. My experience with trying to give away the dog house a few months ago was that it was hard to give something away for free. I should have learned my lesson there. I said then that if I ever did this again, the item was going to the first person who said, "I'll come get it now."

I will miss the idea of having it. It's a beautiful piece, but I have a piano to play and it's only right that someone else have one to play as well. Besides, I'm not really using it well, anyway, and I can put the piano from my mom's in that floor space.

Saturday, July 09, 2005

I Love Saturdays

I love Saturdays - a whole day stretching out in front of you when you don't have to answer to someone else's schedule.

Even though I have a lot on my plate to accomplish, it's just nice to do it on a Saturday when there's no other schedule.

I got up this morning and worked around the house some until hunger brought me downstairs, looking for food. It was around noon and I decided I'd take a chance Jocelyn wanted to go get some Roy's. So, I called and she was up for it. As a matter of fact, she had just told a friend a little earlier that she was thinking about getting some Roys.

I then went out and about running errands for various things. I had a list of things I needed to accomplish this weekend and some shopping was on the list. I ended up going to a half dozen places and still have two more to hit, but I did get a lot done.

I popped down to Diana's for a few minutes on my way to my office and while I was there Teresa called and asked if I wanted to have dinner. She had been to the Kansas Explorer's Event today. I just didn't think I could afford the time to go and I was right - I did make good use of the day.

But, I went to dinner with Teresa, then did another shopping trip to pick up a couple of little things.

I'm headed upstairs shortly to work on some things up there. It seems there's always more to do in this house than I can get done in a timely manner.

I also have to finish up my beader prayer pouches for an exchange. I rarely participate in exchanges unless they just really appeal to me and this one did. But it's due next week so I want to wrap it up this weekend.

Friday, July 08, 2005


Well, I'm running behind on blogging - like everything else in my life at the moment! I had a busy work day that was punctuated by a visit from the plumber. I had a couple of small jobs to do and oddly enough, he could work me in today. So, it was good to get that done.

Tonight I moved things around in the house. I've got to move all the dishes off the six shelves in my dining room - let me clear that up - shelving units - so the floors can be done. I have many things that have to find a new place to be while it's happening and I'm trying to figure out where those things all go. I don't know the answer to that yet.

Jocelyn and I had dinner tonight so that was a bonus. I just never get to see enough of her. She's getting ready to do a big show in LA so is trying to get stock done.

Since I booked myself into a show in September, I know exactly what she means. I'm going to put lots of furniture in my studio for them to do the floors upstairs so I won't be able to create for awhile and I'm going to be in a crunch when I get it back as a studio.

It seems there's always more stuff to do than I have time/energy/brain power for. But, I guess I should just be thankful that my life is full.

I had lunch with Theda on Wednesday for the diversity group and we started talking about how some people's lives are full and some are not. Mine is definitely in the former category. At times I get frustrated, but I also can't imagine it any other way.

I'm always amazed when I'm with a group and we start talking about getting together again and I'm the only one getting a calendar out. How can people possibly not have anything on their schedules? It's a mystery to me.

Thursday, July 07, 2005

London Explosions

The London transportation system was bombed today. It's not something that would have gathered much attention in the US before 9-11 but now we're hearing that Lisa Kudrow tried to call her former Friends co-star David Schwimmer in London. Do we really need to know that? No. Some real facts would be nice, but the US news media believes that Americans are too stupid to comprehend anything without some "entertainment" thrown in. I've always been a media defender, but they're wearing on me.

I'd really like to hear from real information, other than about the Live 8 concert and celebrities. But, in the US, we're so damned shallow that if it didn't happen to Americans, it doesn't really matter to large numbers of people. Drives me nuts. Oh... btw... it's freaking CNN that's "reporting" what Lisa Kudrow is doing on this day.

As is always the case with such things, when there's a personal connection, it's so much more real. I don't know anyone living in London at the moment, but I certainly recognize those tube stops. My "neighborhood" in London is Bloomsbury - near the British Museum - that's where I stayed everytime I went - and most of the tube stops that were hit were in that area. Kings Cross, Russell Square, Aldgate and Liverpool Street were all names that jumped out at me because I'd been there many times.

I hate the phrases like, "London bombing... How Safe is America?" Can we not, even for a moment, on this day when dozens have lost their lives and hundreds are wounded, just for a second, could we Americans please have just a little shred of decency, just a tiny one, and accept that lives of people other than those born in America are important enough to get their due, to be remembered? If we can't accept it, could we please just fake it for just a few hours? Please? Could we focus on those who are dead and hurt, instead of making it all about America? Just this once? Please?

Making Music

I was watching Craig Ferguson, as I do most nights, and he had Toby Keith on. It was a repeat, I think.

Anyway, Toby did his latest song - "As good as I used to be" - with just him and another guy, both playing guitar and singing. Oddly enough, I just saw the video for this song in the last few days. I'm sure it's been out for awhile, but I'm a "catch as catch can" viewer and hadn't seen it.

What struck me is just how much music the two guys with just voices and guitar made. Compared to the video with a full production musically, this was a very low key offering, but I think I liked it better.

I forget, since I'm no longer engaged in music performance, how different things can be. It made me long to be with people, making music again.

I'm preparing to get rid of one of my pianos - I have two - and will then get the one I'm keeping tuned. Hopefully I'll start playing again then. I do miss performing music.

Maybe I should look into taking some voice lessons again. My voice has deteriorated since I don't sing regularly. It's just like the voice teachers tell you - you gotta use it or lose it.

Creative Sisterhood

Tonight was Creative Sisterhood and it was a really fun night. Virginia wasn't able to join us, unfortunately, but the rest of us were here.

It was a fun night. We laughed a lot, which was nice. Many of us have some serious stresses in our lives at the moment so laughter was a nice stress reliever.

I made brownies tonight. I have been so frantic that I just didn't have a chance to think much about it - or make anything more complex. But, I always love brownies, anyway, so that works out.

I am sending off a copy of Kansas Cookies tonight ( and that caused me to leaf through it and look at the recipes again. I must make the fudge cookies again soon - those are yummy. I am overdue for making them.

What Journals Say

I've read multiple times over the years of people getting rid of their journals - sometimes throwing them away or other times doing it as a ritual. I have all of the journals I've ever written and can't imagine ever getting rid of them. I've been writing since I was a kid and have all of them.

I rarely go back and read anything but like having them all around. There are negative things in there at times, although I'm not a big "venter" in my journals. And there are lots of very personal things in there. But, I have never had anyone in my life that would read my journals (nor would I) and so I figure after I'm dead if someone chooses to read them it won't matter.

That's an interesting question.... What would people discover about you if they read your journals after you died?

In my case, people would discover I'm far more fragile than they ever imagined.

Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Signature quote

I change my sig lines pretty regularly... I've gotten in the habit of posting them here for reference as I do... The new one as of today:

"Nul ne peut atteindre l'aube sans passer par le chemin de la nuit." -Khalil Gibran

(One may not reach the dawn save by the path of the night.)

15,000 Hours

Children from grades 1-12 get 11,000 hours of instruction in school. They watch 15,000 hours of television. Does that seem like a good idea to anyone?

Tuesday, July 05, 2005


This morning was the Fourth of July parade. Hutchinson is a town of about 50,000 - big enough to have a parade, small enough that you'll bump into people you know at the parade - or see them in the parade, as in this case.

I was at the Women's Civic Center, a building Trish has taken the lead on preserving. It was given to the library and they wanted to move it or tear it down. I approached them about using it as office space for the MHA but it was way too big for our needs.
But, the Arts and Humanities Council is going to take it over and use it for office space and also a performance area. It is the perfect use. It's a wonderful building on main street, right next to the library, and a block from where I used to live.

I recently joined the board of the Arts and Humanities Council and we decided to give away ice water and lemonade today for the parade. It was a big success. Andrea has been on this board for a long time, but unfortunately her term is about up so we'll only get to be together on it for a short while.

I went to help, but ended up not doing much other than visiting. I ran into Austin and his finace, Amy. Austin is Diana's son, and I just adore him. He's tons of fun - always in a good mood and very witty. I'm always tickled to run into him. Amy is very sweet but I haven't had a lot of chance to get to know her well yet since she doesn't live in town.

Julie and her husband were nearby and came over to visit. I also ran into Rob, who's the head of United Way here. Rob and worked together many years ago when we were both in the radio business. Rob is Martha's brother, just so you have the connections.

It was also a day for politicians, of course. What Fourth of July parade would be complete without that? Mark Treaster, who I'm so very happy was elected last year, walked in the parade and then came over to chat. His wife, Mary, is also on the board of the Arts and Humanities Council. Mark is a really good guy and I'm so glad he's in Topeka. He's not in my district so I couldn't vote for him, but was sure tickled he won.

The democrats had a float, but I didn't participate this year. Kathie was very involved in making it happen.

It was good to see everyone and enjoy the parade. I try to take advantage of those little bits of life that are disappearing. There are things about small town America that I love.

Mark came out for the day and we went to the fireworks at the fairgrounds in the evening, so I had a full day of activities for the Fourth.

Sunday, July 03, 2005

Rainy Day

It has rained off and on all day, and has been pouring for the last few hours. Our temperature is down to 66, which is practically unheard of for central Kansas in July. Not sure how this will affect the parade tomorrow - if it's going to continue or not. I do know it will make the fairgrounds a mess for the fireworks tomorrow night.

I have been moving things around in the house, my "usual" job these days. I'm very weary of this task and it's barely begun.

Teresa called and asked if I wanted to go to lunch, so I took a long break and visited with her. We went to the same place Sondra and I went last night - El Potrillo. Teresa, Andrea and I ate Mexican on Friday night too. Three days in a row now.

Greg and Mark and I are trying to plan a trip together. It looks like it will really happen, so that's going to be fun. I'm trying to juggle a ton of things right now - house and otherwise - I hope I can get it all under control.

I talked to one of the guys Jesse recommended for a handyman today. He's coming over on Tuesday to look at the jobs. It would be good to get some help with these things. I just have too much to do on my own within the time frame.

I snapped some pix of the front flower bed today. I'm amazed at how much the morning glories have grown in only the last few days. Two weeks ago they were only about an inch tall. They seem to stay that way for a long time and then suddenly start to shoot up.

I always think I'm very optimistic when I'm putting up the six feet tall string when they're an inch tall. But, they're starting to grow rapidly now. One year at my old place, I started the seeds early indoors and by July 4th they were all over the front and blooming. These are all volunteer - just came up from the seed I planted two years ago. I love the convenience of that, but it would be nice for them to be further along now than they are. There's a trade off for everything.

This is the first year I've ever mulched but people tell me it will keep the weeds down. I can only hope so. I have really fought with the weeds in this flower bed - and the grass.

But, it always looks so sad to see a flower bed in front of a house that's just weeds and is neglected. It makes the whole place seem sad. I'm hoping many of these come back year after year.

I'm in love with the lime green vines. They're not perennials, but I really love the look of them so thought I'd get some anyway. I guess next year will be the test - we'll see what reappears.

Well, time for me to move a few more things before going up to bed. Today is the last day that my antibiotics should be working and I'm feeling good, but still get tired really easily. So, I need to try and get some extra rest.

Saturday, July 02, 2005

The Big Five

I'm a O95-C47-E95-A38-N4 Big Five!!

Working on the House

I've been working on the house today - moving things around and trying to prepare to get the floors done. It is a big job and I'm so weary of moving things. In a little over three years I've moved my household once and my office four times. It's a lot of moving. Even though I had a ton of help from friends - not the least of which was my former bf who was a huge help - I am worn out from packing and moving and doing it again.

I'm trying to find places for all my little "pretties" that are sitting out on shelves. Obviously, those shelves have to be moved off the floors. I'm putting some things on the mantel and I do have some shelves that are mounted on the wall so things can be set on them too.

I guess I'll take all my computer stuff to my office while the floors are being done. That way I can use it there, since I do a lot of work on my home system. It will also keep it from getting dusty.

I have some painting I want to do before the floors are done, too. I love to use carpet as drop cloth and then just rip it out and throw it away. I cannot express how happy I will be to have my home carpet free. I despise carpet. It is the nastiest, filthiest concept anyone has ever come up. How they ever sold it to the American public, I don't know.

Hasn't everyone seen what a throw rug looks like after being walked on for a week? It's disgusting. Tacking it down at the edges - like carpet - does not keep it from getting dirty.

Anyone who has ever ripped up carpet should want to stay as far away from it as possible. It's gross, gross, gross. I don't have any downstairs, but still have two rooms upstairs and the stairway and upstairs hallway. I will be so happy to have it all gone.

Tonight I went to dinner with Sondra. That was a really nice break. It's always good to see her and she's the only person who understands the house thing. She is nearing the end of refurbishing her old house and it's charming.

I was thinking the other day that I'm guessing most of my friends probably think I'm nuts for buying this place that needed so much work. The plumber told me later that he thought I'd lost my mind when he was first in it. I'm guessing his reaction may have been "the norm." But, I love the challenge - as long as it's not so overwhelming I get stymied.

As I was driving home from dropping Sondra off I saw Jesse walking, so I asked if he wanted a ride. He's always such a pleasant sight. I've known Jesse for almost 20 years now - I met him through Mark when they both worked at the same place. He doesn't drive, but walks all over town. Anyway, if I happen to see him I always offer him a ride. He's such a pleasant guy - always in a good mood. He was headed over to a friend's so I took him there but they weren't home so I took him on to his family's house a few blocks away.

I also asked Jesse if he could think of anyone who could use a little extra cash that could help me do a few odd jobs around here. I just don't have time to get everything done I'd like to get done before the floors are done so I'm in hyper drive now. I need some help. And it seems nearly impossible to find someone who has time to do small jobs. Everyone wants the big jobs, but no one wants to do the small stuff. Anyway, Jesse knows tons of people so maybe he'll come up with someone who would want to help. I hope so.

I've also been playing with my PDA today. I am a new user and, frankly, much of this is gobbledy-gook to me. I can't figure out why what's on the PDA is not showing up on the desktop when I sync them. I have it set to overwrite the desktop, but there are appointments on the PDA that are not showing up on the desktop so it seems logical to me that if the PDA blew up that those appointments would not be visible to me. I don't know. But I know it's starting to make my brain hurt. That means it's probably enough for today.

I've had quite a few votes on the glasses, but I'm still taking your comments and votes. :) I'm undecided, still.

Well, I'd best get back to working on the house... stuff doesn't move itself... even if you twitch your nose.

Happy Fourth of July

Monday is the Fourth of July - a time for patriotism, barbecues and parades. Ace Jackalope is already decked out for the holiday.

I'll be spending the morning of the parade helping out with a couple of different floats and handing out lemonade at the Women's Civic Center.

Friday, July 01, 2005

The Great Glasses Hunt

The Great Glasses Hunt continues. Thanks to those of you who have sent your thoughts on glasses! Today I went to my regular eye doctor's office and tried on a few more. So, a couple of those are on the page now, too. I've also moved some of the lower ones up to the top now, as a couple of people mentioned they couldn't see the last 2-3 glasses frames. So... keep voting!!! THANKS!!!

Your Vote on Glasses Does Count

This is Jon, at Myoptix in Wichita. He has the best selection in the area of cool, fun, funky glasses. Actually, he may have the best selection in the region - meaning a few states. OK, probably the best selection except *maybe* on the coasts.

To top it off, Jon is tons of fun. It's hard to believe that picking out glasses could be fun, but he makes it that way. He's a blast.

He will also embellish your glasses with some extra bling if you so desire. He often has a large selection of vintage frames, in addition to the latest and greatest from Europe, as well as the US. So, if you're just not finding what you want, Myoptix should be on the agenda.

Diana, Jocelyn and I went there a few months ago when Diana got new glasses. Now it's my turn to get new glasses so I stopped in when I was in Wichita earlier this week. Frankly, it was the highlight of my day.

Neither Jocelyn nor Diana could go to help me pick out glasses, so Jon took some pix of me in different ones so I could get their opinions. I figured I'd just show them to you, too, and let you vote on your favorites.

OK... this was too bulky for the blog, so... go to and you can see some of the ones I'm considering. Please, feel free to vote. I'm taking all comments under advisement. Thanks!

What a Beautiful Girl

If you've been reading here for long, you'll remember me talking about my friend, Trevis, from Scotland. We've gotten to know each other through GAMIAN and last saw each other in Philadelphia last year. I believe I posted some photos of the two of us together.

Well, this week, Trevis shared some photos of her 11.5 year old granddaughter, Taylor, with me. These are from her primary school prom, a tradition we don't have in the US but that seems perfectly lovely.

This was the first photo I opened, and I have to tell you that I was struck by what a beautiful girl Taylor is. Those blue eyes and that porcelain skin are an amazing combination. Absolutely lovely.

I asked Trevis if I could share Taylor's photo. I'm sure it's as striking to you as it was to me. Beautiful girl.

Dreams Come True

I love the surreal bits of life and everytime I see Jack White kiss Loretta Lynn on the lips I get it in living color. Gotta love it. The White Stripes frontman on Country Music Television. Who woulda thunk it?

White is a big fan of Loretta's... it's good to get to live your dreams... man... it's good... very good...

I've been blessed to get to live more than a couple of my own. None of my dreams involve Loretta Lynn or Jack White, but it's still amazing to move them into reality.

Guess it's time to make some new dreams... or get about making the old ones come true... I'm in limbo lately... I've gotta snap out of it... Life is going on everyday and I'm "spending" my time in this lifetime wether I'm using it well or not.