Sunday, March 19, 2006

Spring brings snow

Today is the first day of spring. We're supposed to get eight inches of snow.

This after a winter where there were numerous 70+ degree days.

But, there's no global warming. All is well.

Social Skills

Greg and I were having an interesting conversation tonight about how many problems we can trace to people lacking social skills. MIT has "charm school" to teach social skills to all undergraduates.

I'm wondering why some people don't grasp these things easily and for some others they're natural. It's not a matter of personality and things we do and do not like to do. I do not *like* to do a number of things I do, they're simply necessary and expected, so I do them. Being able to function socially is also necessary and expected, but some do not participate in this way. For some, they need to be taught the skills. It seems something we're lacking. I guess we still need charm school.

Greg and I were talking about people we know casually and realizing that with more social skills some of them are people we'd like to be better friends with. Interesting thoughts...

Snow on the Way

We are supposed to get snow starting tonight. We haven't had hardly any snow this winter so I'm not unhappy about having some, although I'm not sure my blooming flowers will enjoy it too much. They're saying 8 inches. But, of course, the weather people say a lot of things. We'll see what reality holds.

I'm going to my office to pick up a few things in case it gets really bad and I can't get there tomorrow. I doubt that will be the case, but I have some things I must do and if I get the materials I can work on them at home. I hadn't anticipated I'd be thinking about snow, so didn't prepare Friday.

I'm also going to go to the grocery store. I'm out of yogurt, which is a reason I have to go. Unfortunately, I'm sure about half the population of town will be there, too. Whenever there's any danger of snow, everyone prepares like the town is going to be paralyzed for weeks.

Then when I get home I'm picking the flowers I have blooming and covering up the rest in hopes I can save them from the cold.

I can certainly keep myself occupied doing things around the house the rest of the day. It seems I can't get a handle on the state of my house and keep it under control.

Also, I wanted wood floors so I could see how much dirt I'm living with. Well, I can see it. I have to clean some of it up. I'm not a great housekeeper, but there is a limit and I'm over it.