Sunday, August 07, 2011

Then There's This Moment...

Every relationship goes through stages. Early on the other person cannot imagine being without you. The slightest suggestion that you might not be available at some point is reason for concern. They want to be close to you. They are drawn to you and you relish in it.

Then there's this moment...

Something comes up to suggest you might not be around as much, and there's no protest. The time is past when they were concerned about always having you around. They can live without you. They know it. You know it.

The question then becomes can you live without them.


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Tis The Season

I ran out to Hobby Lobby tonight right before they closed to pick up something for an art project. As I was going in I thought, "hmmm... I wonder if they have their Christmas stuff out yet?" A quick glance to the left answered that question. Yes!

Fortunately, I had time to pick up some ornaments, including this "Believe," now being held by the monkey I already had. I also picked up these wonderful little pink purses to go on my pink and green tree.

I know some people hate it that the Christmas stuff comes out early. Personally, I love it.

And, let me tell you, if Hobby Lobby has something you love, you'd better get it. They do not get additional shipments. For example, there were two of each of these purses. Now there's one on the shelf. They were 40% off. A bargain!

It's always a moment when the first Christmas ornament of the season is purchased. Today was the day.


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