Saturday, July 08, 2006

Eyebrows and Old Friends

I'm glad it's Friday. I need a weekend. By Monday I'll be ready to get back to my normal life, I think. But I need a couple of days free. I have to work next weekend so I want to really make use of this weekend.

I had lunch with Trish again today, and it was good. She's someone I never see enough of. I

Right after lunch I had an appointment to get my eyebrows waxed. This is not something I do casually. I've done it fewer than six times in my life. Why? Because it HURTS. Ripping hairs out by the roots, en masse, is painful. Who would have guessed? And, as I have had to do everytime I've had it done, I came home and plucked them a bit to even them up. If I ever find someone who's really good at it, maybe I'll get it done more often. OK, probably not - because it hurts.

And, honey, I don't know WHAT those women are thinking when they have the "bikini area" waxed. By the way - Newsflash - it itches like you wouldn't believe when it starts to grow back. Yeah, no one ever tells you that. Well, I'm here to spread the truth. Just say "No!" or expect to go around with your hand buried in your crotch for a few days when you decide you don't want to suffer the waxing all the time. No... I've not waxed - the mere thought of the pain is too much for me. But lets just say that was one of the many things my girlfriend Robin and I learned first hand in college.Experience is a good teacher.

I popped in to see Diana late this afternoon. I have really wanted to have a long conversation with her for quite a few months, but have been unsuccessful in catching her at a time when that can happen. Conversation has an ebb and flow that has to have time to build. There is always too much going on to have any focus. I really, really, really enjoy her and there was a time we had lots of really meaningful conversation, but I can't seem to find a way to make that happen anymore. I guess it's just one of those things.

Tonight I went out to do some errands and went to Walmart to buy another fan. While I was looking at fans, I heard someone scream, "Patsy Terrell!" I looked around and it was Shirley Mackey. It was SOOOOOO good to see her - and a big surprise. I think of her and Rob so often, but I had no idea she was in town. When I was in DC last month I had hoped I might get a chance to see them, but when I saw the schedule it was so packed that I didn't even bother to call because I had no free time.

She very graciously offered me their spare bed anytime I was in the DC area. I told her that was dangerous - I have a travel voucher I need to use. She reiterated that the offer was genuine. Some people are naturally generous.

Tonight when I came home I noticed I have a white calla lily starting to bloom in the front. It was dusk, so too late to take a photo, but I'll try to do that tomorrow. My little tomato is more red and a second one is turning. I picked some oregano and basil to go with my eggplant parmesan tonight. I love having these things right out the back door.

Well, I must sleep. I want to finish reorganizing the kitchen this weekend so I need to get a pretty early start tomorrow.

Art of Gracious Living #30

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We know that children who are connected through simple things like having dinner with their families, are less likely to do drugs. Yet, the number of families who eat together continues to drop.

We attribute it to our lack of time, but in reality we all still have 24 hours in the day. The trick is how we spend them.

We engage in more group activities, that limit our ability to connect with people one on one. Organized sports for kids have increased 200% in the last 20 years. We're losing something significant in this transition.

I encourage you to consider how you can make real connection with people this coming week.

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