Saturday, February 09, 2008

The Christmas Tree is Down

Thanks to Cleta, in six hours today, we went from:


Ornaments go pretty fast...

But then there are the lights... oh the lights... the lights that make it all pretty and sparkly... the lights that grow into a massive tangled wad.

When we got to the lower levels and Cleta could really see the layer of lights on the tree I think she was shocked...

But she was a trooper. She bagged almost all of the lights.

Look closely and you'll see Cleta's tennis shoes on the right side for size comparison. The pile was about knee high. Each strand gets its own little bag.

I am so incredibly relieved to have it down. Of course, it's not packed away and stashed. But, it's down. And it only took six hours to get it done. I am so incredibly thankful for Cleta's help!

Cherryl Floyd Miller

Every once in awhile, I discover a pleasant surprise online. That happened recently when I ran across the blog of Cherryl Floyd Miller.

She had linked to one of my posts and I am flattered that a writer as talented as her has read anything I've written. I mean, the woman has been on Oprah in a segment with Maya Angelou. Have I ever mentioned my love of Maya Angelou? It's substantial. Seeing her in person was one of the highlights of my life.

It's interesting that when you see your writing out of context you're sometimes struck anew by it. What a lovely experience.

I'm so thankful to Ms. Miller for this lovely perk in the day.