Sunday, January 22, 2006

Peggy's Retirement Party

Saturday I was privileged to help with Peggy's "Rewiring" Party. She retired at the beginning of this month and her hubby, Gary, threw a big party to celebrate.

Peggy and Gary are absolutely wonderful folks. Peggy is my board president and Gary is an unofficial board member too.

Peggy and Gary are one of those rare couples you see every once in a great while - happy. They seem completely thrilled to be in each other's presence and they're a joy to be with - one on one or together. I never get enough of them.

Peggy's family (that's her mom in the green) and friends gathered around to wish her well on this new chapter. There were about a hundred people attending.

Gary planned a full afternoon, with entertainment and games. There was tons of food. He has asked me about doing the food and I assumed he meant the food. Ended up that he was so organized and planned so well that I did very little. I made spinach cheese squares and helped with some minor things but that was about it.

They also made arrangements for their favorite charities to have tables and asked people to make donations to those instead of bringing gifts. In addition to the MHA and Altrusa, there was the Symphony, the Arts and Humanities Council and the Volunteer Center.

Altrusans were there in full force, some of us helping and some just joining in on the fun. We even had time for some impromptu committee meetings.

It was a very nice afternoon. We should all live our lives in a way such that this many people want to gather to wish us well as we enter a new phase of life.