Monday, July 12, 2010

No Holds Barred Conversation

I saw this beautiful cloud formation on the way back from Hesston tonight. I met Marci and WenDee at Ruffino's in Hesston for dinner. It was really good Italian.

Even better than the food was the conversation. It was far-ranging, but was meaningful. When we see each other in an environment where we can talk it's like we've all been saving up tons of questions for each other. There's never enough time to get them all asked or answered.

I'm really blessed to have people in my life that can delve right into real conversation. I've learned in the last couple of years that this isn't something everyone feels comfortable with. And, I've learned that my direct manner of speaking, and the fact that I am very definitive, can be off-putting to some.

It was a real delight to visit with Marci and WenDee and not feel the need to hold back at all. Love that!

The weekend

I've had a really productive weekend. I spent a lot of time in the studio. I ran across this box of vintage stationery I had in my stash and did some work with it.

When I went to bed last night I wanted to kick myself because I forgot the flea market yesterday. We have one each month and yesterday was the day. But, I didn't leave the house yesterday, and obviously, didn't check my calendar. So, I missed it.

Considering I spent a large part of the weekend moving around stuff I already have in my house, maybe I didn't need to bring any more into it. But I did make a lot of progress upstairs in the house.

I've discovered, much to my chagrin, that I need a gift wrapping room. I know, that sounds insane, doesn't it. I have a table in my studio that's devoted to gift wrapping which is, by and large, Christmas, because I don't give too many other gifts that require wrapping. I knew that I had "a lot" of stuff associated with this - from giftwrap (one of my little addictions), to the boxes and such. However, I've been cleaning out the closet off the studio where I stored a lot of those sorts of things and I'm astonished at the assortment of things that have accumulated.

Some of them are on their way to Goodwill, but I confess that there isn't much that I don't want to keep.

In the process of going through the closet, I also found some other things I had either forgotten about, or lost track of. Apparently it has become somewhat of a catchall over the last couple of years. That would explain why the studio is now completely trashed because I've hauled things out of the closet into it.

Ah, always this cycle... things look worse before they get better. At least I hope they get better.