Sunday, June 05, 2005

Old Acquaintances

This week has been interesting as far as hearing from people I haven't talked to in ages.

One afternoon after lunch I stopped in at Diana's to see her and Lily. While I was in Andrea stopped by and so she and Diana and I were talking about yarn and knitting.

Someone came in and Diana got up. I had my back to the door but Andrea said, "Oh my God!" It was someone we both worked with at the radio station years ago. He had stopped in to ask directions. How odd that we would all be there at the same time. It was great to get to see him, even though it was brief.

Then today I got an email from my great niece, Leslie. She lives in Mississippi and we just don't seem to connect very often. Not sure why - life, I guess. We all get along fine - and think about each other - but just don't make actual connection. So, it was good to hear from her.

She shared one of her drawings with me. It's very good. I've asked her permission to post it here. If she says OK, I'll show it off, even though it makes my own drawing look bad.

These are both just interesting experiences - of hearing from someone I really enjoy - that I didn't expect to see/hear from at all. Quite a lovely week in that way.

At this point, when I'm missing my now-former bf so much, it's nice to make connections with others.

Also this week, Susan N. called for lunch and that was a bonus. And, having a long dinner with Jocelyn and Diana last night was also great. None of them knew about us breaking up so it was just nice that it all worked out.

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