Thursday, July 21, 2005

Puerto Rico

I returned last night from a week in Puerto Rico. I was there for the Altrusa International Convention. It was neat to meet ladies from all over who are also committed to the idea of literacy.

I went a couple of days early so I could enjoy some time in Puerto Rico, as I've never been there before. I'm still not exactly sure of the connection between Puerto Rico and the US. They are US citizens but do not pay federal taxes or vote in elections. Obviously, it's a complex situation and not one that requires my understanding, but I couldn't quite grasp the connections.

Someone told me it was Hawaii meets the third world. I was hoping for more third world. I really only saw the Hawaii part of it. It was beautiful, but very touristy. I could have done with a little more experience but there just wasn't time to do all I wanted to do - as if there ever is on a trip.

I took Ace Jackalope along for the ride. We stayed at the Westin Rio Mar so he got in some beach time, drank a Pina Colada at the bar that invented them, toured Old San Juan, and visited the rain forest. We ran out of time for the Bacardi distillery tour.

I also took photos of the Excelsior Hotel - one that is continually recommended but no one can agree on if it's good or bad. Why none of the dozens of people who've posted their thoughts bothered to take a few snapshots I don't know, but I addressed that problem. They'll go on a page at and people can look at them if they wish to see what it's really like. It was fine - by the way.

I will have numerous photos to post but at the moment am trying to deal with getting back to real life. I did arrive home to find the dining room closet has been ripped out and is history. That's a bonus. So, one home thing done. Yeah! Of course, the wall has to be mudded and then painted and... well... it goes on and on but at least the closet is gone.

It was a lovely trip to Puerto Rico, but necessitated dealing with the airlines, which was its usual horrific experience. Just when I thought things could not get more unpleasant with them, when I retrieved my bag from behind the counter because it had arrived on an earlier flight than I had - I discovered that it had been ripped open and my things scattered somewhere between here and Puerto Rico. I guess someone is enjoying my clothes and crocs today, as well as other trinkets tossed about. How nice.

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