Thursday, September 08, 2005

Finally Red

I mentioned I was painting my dining room red. Well, it's finally red. Nearly three gallons of paint and 5 coats and it's the deep red I wanted. This isn't a great photo because I just noticed I've got some crud on the lens that is making it spotty. But, you get the idea.

And... hey... it's just a "normal" post. No rant included.

You know that question... if you were a color, what color would it be... this is the color I am - a deep, rich red with blue undertones... deep, ruby red... I hope I don't ever feel the urge to make a whole room this color again. Or if I do that it's only after they've come up with a way to make red paint actually COVER.

I'm starting to live like a grown up - I have curtains up and everything. OK, not everywhere... but I'm making progress. OK, it's slow progress... but it's progress.


Jenny said...

Funny you should find your grown up self in "curtains" and I find mine in giving "Time-Outs"

Patsy Terrell said...

Being a grown up does have its upside... but there are some stumbling blocks along the way.

serena said...

love it, I know what you mean by living like a grown up though!
Janice in England just ignore serena