Tuesday, September 13, 2005

LJ Meme

The LiveJournal meme... sent by someone... sorry I can't recall who...

1. Your LiveJournal user name and what it means:
It's my name. Nothing fancy.

2. On a scale of 1-10 (10 being the highest) how well does your LiveJournal represent who you actually are? 10 - as much as people in real life know me, other than intimates

3. How much about your life do you post to LJ? I write about my life in general but it is for publication - not like my private journals. My private, written, journals are not shared with anyone.

4. Is there anything you refuse to post about?
very personal things

5. On a scale of 1-10 how interesting do you think your own journal is to others?
I don't have a number for that - but I get about 65,000 hits on my blog on my website, which is the same info, every month so someone must be looking/reading

6. Has anyone ever joined LJ because of you?
don't know

7. What proportion of your posts are friends only?
none... I don't get the point in having a public journal that isn't public

8. What are your top five favorite interests on LJ?
??? don't know what this means

9. How often do you post in communities, and did you ever start your own?
I've posted in one within the last week or two. Don't know much about them.

10. How often do you respond to/comment on other people's journals?
a few times a week... I read often, but don't comment often

11. Do you prefer to write in your journal or read other journals?
I write more often than read

12. Have you ever had something mean said to you or been stalked, harassed, or got into an argument on LJ?
nope... been stalked in real life and it was very unpleasant...

13. Have you ever banned someone from your journal?

14. Who are your four favorite LJ friend(s) and why?
you can look at the friends list and judge your favorites - that's probably more helpful

16. Why are you most likely to add someone to your friends list?
Because I find their journal through some method and enjoy what I'm reading. My friends list is to bring together the journals that I want to read.

17. Do you automatically add friends to your journal if they add you first?
no... but if I enjoy reading their journal, I do

18. What is the most likely reason you wouldn't add someone to your friends list? All they talk about is whatever illness they have or are just very, very, very dull. For awhile there was someone who read mine that - literally - talked about her day moment by moment - very dull stuff.

19. Is your "significant other" on LJ? No significant other at the moment. Last bf was not on LJ and can't imagine him ever donig such a thing

20. Have you ever wanted to meet someone on LJ? there are people I'd like to meet... most on my friends list.

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