Friday, September 09, 2005


OK, I'll admit straight up, I'm not a huge music fan. What that means is I don't go to concerts, I don't worship singers, etc. I sing along with the radio and that's about it. I'm not into fandom. I've met a few celebrities in former jobs and it loses its thrill very quickly.

But, music seems to be a great force for many people. And at times like this national crisis it seems to be helpful to people to turn to music as a unifier. It always happens - generally very quickly.

With that said... where are all these musicians that were writing songs about 9-11 before the dust even settled? Do they not care any more about the south than the president and his staff?

Aaron Neville sang on Larry King tonight and it was wonderful, but is all of country music - generally so quick on the "Where were you?" types of songs - in a cave and unaware of what's going on? Where are our rock crusaders Sting, Bono and the Boss? Does NO ONE care any more than the government?

Aren't most country singers IN the south? As far as I know, Nashville recording studios are still functioning. Are we not even going to get yet another remake of "Candle in the Wind?"

Of course, country singer Mark Wills was with the president when the president should have been in New Orleans, anyway. Wills presented him with a guitar and the president strummed along while people were fighting for their lives in New Orleans. That seems fair. Right?

I was willing to cut Mark Wills a ton of slack - after all he wasn't the one who should have been in New Orleans - and meeting the president is a big deal, regardless of who you are. But, before writing this piece, I went to his website, fully expecting an apology of some sort for the unfortunate timing, but that photo of Bush playing air guitar is the first thing you see and they're obviously very proud of it. for those of you interested...

The very next thing you can click on is a story about Wills Tour Bus helping block traffic at an accident and the quote is, "What a wonderful example of how God can send us help in the midst of strife. Thank you for your example to all." I don't think that really needs any additional comment from me.

Wills needs to keep better company. And hire a PR person.

Maybe there's no country music because there's nothing patriotic about this. Seeing your countrymen die because you've been gung ho on supporting a president and a war half a world away - and glorifying soldiers dying a la "I Made it to Arlington" - probably doesn't give you much to sing about.

Alan Jackson did his bit with "Where were you." Come on people, he can't write EVERYTHING. Surely some of you patriotic types that always have a pro-war song at the ready have something to say. Oh, no, wait, you love this president and his war that has now killed people in New Orleans as well as Iraq. (read the CNN article that having National Guard tied up in Iraq resulted in deaths in Louisiana)

I wish I could call the Dixie Chicks, the only freaking voice of reason from that quadrant during this whole @*##$(%&# season of war. (There are some words I just don't use and that expletive is really all that will fit in that sentence.)

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