Saturday, September 10, 2005

These are not my words, I just think they're worth sharing... see the link below for more from this writer.

The Great Uniter
After September 11th, the nation was united as it has not been since World War II. Seen that sentence before? Thing is, it's true. For a good stretch there, Americans had their sleeves up, ready to engage in shared sacrifice. Bush squandered the political unity of that moment, a moment in which he might have done anything, with the foolishness of Iraq. The only sacrifice asked of most of us, was slaughtering our common sense at the altar of trickled on economics.

Now we have another of those extremely rare moments of perfect national clarity. Only this time the theme of the day is they screwed up big time. Four years in which they've done nothing but talk about being prepared for an emergency. Four years in which they've spent huge amounts of money, reshaped the government, eroded rights, suspended laws, broken treaties, and expended blood like it was free, and what do we have to show for it? Rats eating old women in the street, that's what we have.

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