Thursday, November 17, 2005

How Many Cable Guys Does it Take...

How many cable guys does it take to put cable into my office?

Three, apparently.

They came last week to put in cable, but couldn't get into the room where the cable came in.

So, we rescheduled for today.

The same guy came. Getting into the closet didn't give him the answer. That's James at the top of the ladder.

The next thing I knew, cable guy number 2 was on the scene. That would be Matt - he's the one on the floor in this photo.

A while later I took the key back to my landlord next door. When I came back upstairs, cable guy number 3 - Mark - had arrived. He's the one nearer the bottom of the ladder.

Much ladder climbing, banging, rearranging, wiring, etc., ensued. Three hours after starting, my computer was connected to cable.

I sent them all away with candy canes. They really went above and beyond the call of duty.

I had volunteers in today to label candy canes for the Christmas parade Saturday. A couple of them are coming back tomorrow morning to help some more.

This is Phyllis, one of my favorite volunteers. She unpackaged all these candy canes some months ago and today I was sure glad they were ready to go.

I also have the newsletter back and need to get it folded, labeled and out the door.

I also made arrangements to day to get the piano and couch moved on Tuesday. I'll be thrilled to get that done.

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