Sunday, November 13, 2005

It's Paula Deen's Fault

I adore Paula Deen. She is the epitome of southern grace as far as I'm concerned. And "the boys" are just too cute for words.

This morning I sat down to take a break and Paula was making potato soup with shrimp. Now I don't really care for shrimp but I sure do love potato soup. Guess what's on my stove right now?

I didn't have any leeks in the house but I did have some shallots, which I also love. And, I had both butter and cream on hand, so it will be quite the rich concoction. It's simmering now. I love to cook it a really long time so the flavors all meld together.

I called Greg's mom this morning to see how she was feeling and she's doing much better today. She had gall bladder surgery on Wednesday and is still recuperating.

Well, I'm going to go move more things. Although, I'm having a cup of constant comment before I do. I know the tea snobs look down on teabags and such, but I love the convenience and I adore constant comment. My favorite orange flavored tea is by Lipton - it's a delicate flavor - but I can rarely find it around here. I know, Lipton, lets all look down our noses. But, hey, I like it. So, there you go. Maybe my tea tastebuds just aren't sophisticated enough, but they work for me.

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