Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Productive Day

I had a very productive day today. I managed to get a number of things from my desk into other people's worlds. That's pretty much my goal on a daily basis. I also got two big projects out the door.

After work I laid down for a nap - pretty rare for me, but I haven't been sleeping very well lately. I go through periods where sleep is elusive and I'm in one now. I go to bed exhausted but wake up dozens of times a night. Eventually, exhausted with the cycle, I just get up. That was the case last night. I finally just got up about 5:30, after only about 3 1/2 hours of sleep. I had a couple hours of sleep this afternoon and fortunately I am still going strong. I have a lot I want to do yet tonight.

I've been hauling things up from the basement. I'm obviously going to break my Dec. 1 rule this year. Generally I like to have all of my Christmas things done by Dec. 1 but that just won't happen this year. Oh well... there's always next year to shoot for.

The trick is going to be after taking a break for the holidays to get back on my organizing track and keep at it so by next year at this time I'll be in full swing for the holidays.

I've decided I'm inviting all of the Altrusans to my home one night in December. That will be fun.

Well, I'm going to go back to working on Christmas things. I do love getting everything out and seeing it all again. I've been collecting Christmas things for years so I have quite a bit of stuff.

I change what I put where every year. I know from talking to other people that they tend to do the same thing in the same place every year. I guess I never have things in the same place so that doesn't work for me.

I've always teased Sondra that every time I'm in her house it's different. Now I seem to be the same way.

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