Saturday, July 23, 2005

Full Saturday

I've had a very full but very productive Saturday - and I worked in some time for fun, too. How much more could one ask?

I rearranged my studio today to accommodate the furniture upstairs. I think if I'm careful and stack I can get everything that's upstairs into the studio and the bathroom - the two rooms I'm not having done.

I have confirmed with the Bart about the floors, and the drywall guy can get the ceiling in the library done this week, so that's a bonus. He's also going to repair the crack in the upstairs hallway wall. Well, he's going to mud over it and we'll hope for the best. Also, the guy who's going to help paint is coming late on Monday. So, it should be a busy week. I also need to get movers to take everything out for the floor guy.

Sondra has offered to let me stay with her while they do the floors, which is very sweet. Trish offered too. I guess it's like moving, you find out who your friends are. Terry and Jesse both offered to help move things and I think I may call them tomorrow and take them up on it. We'll see how the day goes.

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