Monday, January 23, 2006

Grant Gone

I put one of the grants in the mail this afternoon and I have another one almost ready to go.

Tonight was Chicks and it was good to reconnect with everyone. Afterwards I went with Greg for him to get something to eat at the new pizza place - Cici's. I don't like being yelled at when I walk in the door. I don't find the fake-fun atmosphere to be fun - only fake. I'm sure I'll go back because I didn't eat tonight and I'll want to try it, but the nonstop yelling and pretend fun is a little too much for me.

It's like Applebees and the stupid birthday songs, which, thankfully, they've stopped doing here. When I want music, I go to a concert. When I want dinner, I go to a restaurant. N'er the twain should meet. Houlihans has started having live music most nights of the week so I can't go there anymore for a nice evening because it's so loud you can't talk. Restaurants that excel at serving good food without annoying the customers seem few and far between. El Potrillo's is about the best in town at the moment in this regard I guess.

Tomorrow is the Dillon Lecture Series with the National Geographic Photographer. I'm going to get up extra early and write some more before then. I have a lot on the agenda this week, culminating with a speech on Friday so I need to keep on task.

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