Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Men and Math

Life is a continual learning experience. It has taken me some years, but I've learned that men and math don't mix. There are some numbers you should never share with a man. These include but are not limited to:

- your IQ (Trust me, regardless of what they say, they are NOT happy if your number is bigger than their number. All men have size issues, and this is one area where that's apparent.)

- your weight (an exception can be made for your physician)

- your age (I'll admit I'm still iffy on this one, but it seems best to not share it too quickly early on. They'll guess at least 10 years younger anyway, so just go with it.)

- your salary (Just don't go there - you'll engender pity or envy - neither is good for a relationship.)

- how many men you've slept with (Yeah, I know, they all say it doesn't matter. They lie. It matters. They want to believe they're only number two or three at the most, and if you can manage it, they'd just as soon believe they're your first. Just let them live in their little fantasy worlds. You'll both be happier.)

Of course, all of this comes from a woman with a string of failed relationships. I don't recall the exact number, and that's probably just as well.



Hi Patsy! I was looking for some interesting fellow Hutchinson bloggers, and ran across yours! Now I am a bit on the strange side, but I liked your blog and wanted to say hello!

Patsy Terrell said...

Hi... Good to see another Hutch blogger. Thanks for writing!