Saturday, January 28, 2006


I have not accomplished nearly as much today as I had hoped. But I have rested some. I don't think I've had a day all the past week when I've worked less than 16 hours. And it has been work that wears me out.

I worked quite a bit today. I printed membership letters until my printer ran out of ink. I have to go get a new cartridge. I just didn't want to go out into the world on a Saturday to do that with the other Saturday shoppers.

I also feel myself withdrawing from the world more than is probably healthy. I will have to address that. I'm bogged down with work and that is always difficult for me to slog through. But it's more than that. I'm really examining what I want to do with my life in the long run. I'm questioning everything from the town I live in to the people in my life, or - more accurately - the people who are not in my life.

The guy came today to paint where they worked on the flashing over the porch yesterday. They had to replace some of the wood shingles so he painted today. I haven't seen it in the daylight yet but hopefully it looks good.

We actually got a little bit of rain overnight but things are still very dry.

Greg and I had some Roys for lunch. I hadn't been there all week. Greg loves to tease his gf about going there since she only gets to go there when she visits town. It is amazingly good stuff!

Tomorrow I'm going to Wichita to the spiritual fair. Diana is taking a car load full over. I decided to just drive over on my own. They're going to a movie afterwards and I don't know if I'll do that or not. Will depend on how things are going. I'm also just not very good company for a big group of people at the moment. I'm not in the mood.

Well, tomorrow I must try to get myself interested in the world at large. I am in one of those I-could-just-hole-up-in-my-house-for-a-really-long-time moods.

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