Wednesday, March 29, 2006

The Scent of Cover Girl Blush

Scent is the most evocative of all the senses - at least that's what the experts tell us. I believe it.

Tonight I bought some new blush - mainly because what I've been using I dropped and it started to crumble and I hate the mess of that. So, I'm tossing it out. It's old anyway.

You know you should replace makeup regularly because it's a breeding ground for bacteria... particularly eye makeup. OK, there's the public service tip of the day.

Anyway, I just opened the new blush and it has that same smell I remember from my teen years. It's almost antiseptic - very clean smelling. It reminds me of Noxzema. Do they still make Noxzema? I must have used gallons of that stuff when I was a teenager. And perhaps I still should as I have a hideous zit on my face at the moment. When does that stop? Never, apparently.

Anyway, I'm thrilled Cover Girl hasn't changed that wonderful fresh scent. I still get the same thrill out of new makeup that I got when I was 14, and I'm sure part of it is that scent.

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